$40K Donation Brings “Wow” Factor to Avon Playground Equipment

Paul and Jim Firment of Joe Firment Chevrolet presented a check amounting to $40,000 to the City of Avon on Jan. 22 for the next phase of Every Child’s Playground adjacent to the Avon Aquatic Center. Pictured are (from left) Brian Fischer, Bob Butkowski, Tammy Holtzmeier, Jim Firment, Scott Radcliffe, Mayor Bryan Jensen, To-ny Moore, Paul Firment, Dennis McBride and Craig Witherspoon.

The city of Avon has accepted a $40,000 donation from Joe Firment Chevrolet for the purchase of playground equipment for Every Child’s Playground.

The playground is adjacent to the Avon Aquatic Center. The donation was made official at the Jan. 22 meeting of City Council.

The presentation was made by Paul and Jim Firment. Mayor Bryan Jensen and members of City Council gathered to accept the donation.

The monies will be used for an exciting new “Gravity Rail” designed for children ages 5-12.

The Gravity Rail is a track ride that lets kids glide through the air on swings. It will augment the Harmony Circle, for kids 2-5, that was opened last summer. The area also includes an adult health and fitness complex, History Walk and Story Trail. Like Harmony Circle, the Gravity Rail will be accessible for kids of all abilities. It is part of the overall vision of creating a world class playground in Avon.

“This is the Wow phase of the project,” said a grateful Mayor Jensen. He noted that the Firment brothers were anxious from the start to make a significant contribution to this community center.

The Gravity Rail is described as a twisty, turny zip track where children safely cruise through the air. It is a product of XGen (Extreme Generation.).

“Coming from a family business, sometimes you see second generations that don’t always follow in the footsteps of their parents because of the hard work and everything else,” added Mayor Jensen. “But as you get to know Paul and Jim, you know that it’s more than just the part of being in business. They have wanted to be part of this from the start.”

The Lorain County General Health District, the French Creek Foundation and the Avon Lion’s Club, among others, have been significant friends of the Every Child’s Playground vision.

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