Second-Graders Create Wax Museum at Redwood Elementary School

On Feb. 7 the halls of Redwood Elementary School in Avon Lake, were lined with famous Americans like Thomas Edison, Julia Child, George Washington or Amelia Earhart.

Each second-grade student choose a famous person to research and dressed up as that person. The famous person the students research made a positive impact on the world.

To prepare for the wax museum, the students created a large poster that includes a written report, memorable quote, timeline and a portrait (made in art class…integrating general education class and art class). The students used biography books and Chromebooks for research.

The students stood in a statue pose next to their poster until a museum guest presses a “push” button that is on each students’ poster. Once the button is pressed, the students tell the listener important information and then the student goes back into their statue pose.

  • Standards covered- History (Historical thinking and skills)- time can be shown graphically on timelines
  • History (Heritage)- biographies can show how peoples’ actions have shaped the world in which we live
  • ELA (English Language Arts) – use non-fiction text features to locate key information

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