Westlake Police: High End Purse Snatchers Strike Crocker Park Michael Kors Store

Westlake Police are looking for suspects in a high end theft/robbery at the Crocker Park Michael Kors store yesterday. An employee intervened but could not stop a suspect as he absconded with several purses. Here is the police report:

On 2/28/19 at approx. 7:24 PM WPD received a call reporting a theft/robbery at the Michael Kors store at Crocker Park. Employees reported that 2 black males entered the store and shopped around for a few minutes before one of them collected several purses and exited the store without paying. An employee grabbed one of the purse straps as the male was walking outside. There was a struggle over the purse before the male broke free and fled the area. One of the males was described as being tall and slender. He appeared younger and was wearing a blue hoodie with ripped up blue jeans. The other male was older wearing black clothes and a winter hat. They reportedly got into a Toyota sedan with tinted windows which had been parked on Market St. The suspect vehicle did have one burnt out driver’s side tail light. The duo made off with purses valued in the thousands of dollars. Please view the pictures. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Westlake Police Department at 440-871-3311. You can remain anonymous.

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