Rocky River Schools Bike to School 2019

Once again, the Rocky River City School District is participating in the Bike to School Challenge.

The Middle School challenge kicked off on Monday, May 6 and runs through Friday, May 24, 2019.

Kensington Intermediate School will participate from May 20 through May 24, 2019.

If you drive, please be aware that there will be more bicycle riders during school commute times, and with the nice weather season upon us more individuals will be riding bikes. Take the extra time to look for them, especially before turning right and driving through crosswalks. Watch for bicyclists when pulling onto a roadway from driveways, shopping centers, or other private property.

Bikes can operate on roadways or sidewalks in Rocky River. If a bicycle operator chooses to ride in the street, he or she must comply with all traffic laws, including riding with the flow of traffic, obeying traffic control devices and traffic lights, signaling intentions, and having proper lighting during restricted hours. If a bicycle rider chooses to ride on the sidewalk, he or she must comply with pedestrian traffic laws, like crossing at crosswalks and with traffic signals. Drivers of motor vehicles must stay at least three feet from bicycles when passing in the roadway. It is strongly recommended that bicyclists always wear a helmet when riding.

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