Avon Lake Eagles Continue Patriotic Tradition

The newest eaglets to the Redwood Elementary family are Lincoln, Washington and Jefferson. The young birds will attain adult plumage in about five years.

The famed Eagles Nest at Avon Lake Redwood Elementary School produced a rarity this year – three Eaglets!

Two is usually the norm, but – contrary to real presidential politics – all three fledglings are thriving and now are proudly carrying the names of a trio of America’s greatest leaders!

The eaglets have been named Lincoln, Washington and Jefferson in a consensus vote of Redwood School students.

The names continue the theme of patriotic titles for the Eagles. It all started a few years ago when a nest was constructed by two Bald Eagles who decided to make the Redwood School grounds their home. They were named Stars & Stripes by students, and have returned every year to start a new family.

View the 24-hour Eagle Cam below:

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