WEST SHORE BLUES: The Best of the Beats

Too Much Fourth!

Do Not Go Forth on the Fourth with a Fifth…or you may not go forth on the Fifth! So true for so many….

– On July 3, at 1:20am, Bay Village Police responded to a loud noise complaint in the 24000 block of Knickerbocker Road. Upon arrival, the homeowner’s 18 year old son answered the door. Officers discovered that he was intoxicated and that his parents were not at home. Police eventually found another 18 year old and four 17 year olds inside the home and all under the influence. They were all arrested for Underage Alcohol Prohibitions. The adults are facing charges in Rocky River Municipal Court and the juveniles are facing charges in Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court.

– On July 4, at 12:31am, Bay Village Police stopped a vehicle on Columbia Road at the railroad tracks for an equipment violation. Police spoke with the male operator, a 20 year old Berea resident, who appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. The operator failed field sobriety tests and was placed under arrest for OVI. During a search, officers found open containers of alcohol on his person. On station, the male provided a breath sample which showed a .083 blood alcohol content. The male is facing several charges at Rocky River Municipal Court.

– On July 4 at 7:57pm, Bay Village Police were on patrol at the Bay Days festival when they observed a juvenile female seated by herself hunched over and throwing up. Officers found that the girl had drank liquor in excess and was left behind by her friends. The girl’s parents were called to pick her up and she is facing charges in Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court.

– On July 4 at 10:05pm, Bay Village Police were sent to complete a welfare check on a female staggering on Lake Road at Rye Gate Road. Officers arrived and found a heavily intoxicated 20 year old, Cuyahoga Falls resident. The female stated she was trying to find her boyfriend’s house and was left behind by friends. The belligerent female was placed under arrest for Disorderly Conduct – Intoxication and Underage Alcohol Prohibitions. She is facing charges in Rocky River Municipal Court.

– On July 5, at 1:48 am, Bay Village Police stopped a vehicle on Henry Road for a moving violation. Police discovered a car load of underage passengers. Police spoke with the male operator, a 16 year old, Strongsville resident who appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. The operator failed field sobriety tests and was placed under arrest for OVI. On station, the male refused to provide a breath sample to determine his blood alcohol content. All but one of the passengers were found to be under the influence of alcohol. The driver was cited for OVI and the intoxicated passengers were cited for Underage Alcohol Prohibitions and Curfew. They are all facing charges in Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court.

Westlake Shoplifters

On 6/22/19 at about 9pm officer were dispatched to Dick’s Sporting Goods for a reported shoplifting/credit card fraud. Officers located the suspect who in fact had over $1200 worth of merchandise with her. Although her story had inconsistencies, the male to whom the credit card belonged confirmed that she was allowed to purchase items with it. When being interviewed, however, the suspect gave the officers a fake name and date of birth. When her identity was finally confirmed, it was learned that she had 2 active arrest warrants. To make matters worse for her, she had several rocks of suspected crack cocaine and a smoking pipe with her. The 32yo from Lakewood was arrested and charged with falsification, possession of cocaine and drug paraphernalia as well as the warrants.

Leaving a Trail

On 6/24/19 at approx. 5:30AM an officer located a disabled, damaged vehicle parked oddly on Marview Dr. Trailing behind the vehicle were several car parts including an entire wheel. The vehicle was unoccupied and appeared to have been in a minor collision where the tire was damaged. Investigation led to a residence in Bay Village where the owner lives. The owner, when contacted by the police, reported that the vehicle must have been stolen. BVPD took a stolen auto report.

4 Times Over the Limit

On 6/28/19 at approx. 3:20PM officers responded to a report of a disabled vehicle on Crocker Rd at I90. The female operator claimed that she just did not know how to drive a stick shift and that was why she was having difficulty. The officer began to push the “disabled” vehicle out of the way of other traffic when he noticed that the female could not even control the vehicle while being pushed. The 53yo Avon Lake resident showed signs of intoxicated and was field tested. She was arrested for OVI and the vehicle was towed. On station, the driver tested over 4 times the legal limit.

Suspicious Contractor

On 6/28/19 at about 12:15PM a resident on Bradley Rd called to report that 2 males came to the door of his residence and asked his wife if she wanted her driveway redone with asphalt that was left over from another job. Of course the job would be much cheaper than normal due to the “leftover” materials. Unsure of the legitimacy of the workers, the wife intelligently refused. The suspicious offer was made by a white male in a white pickup truck which headed S/B on Bradley after the refusal. Officers checked the area but were unable to locate the people. ***Note that if a deal is too good to be true it almost always is! Be very wary of unsolicited in-person offers for home or yard repairs. Call WPD or the Better Business Bureau if you are unsure. If it is a legitimate company they will be happy to wait for you to check up on them.***

Beer Run

On 6/29/19 at approx. 10:30P an officer noticed an SUV which had driven up on the curb on Center Ridge at Dover in the construction zone. The male operator stepped out of the vehicle when the officer stopped but left the SUV in reverse. Luckily the truck was stuck on the curb and did not roll away. While the driver explained that he was going to the gas station to get more beer, the officer noticed that the 45yo from Westlake was already slurring his speech. The male was field tested and arrested for OVI. The car was towed and the operator transported to the Westlake Jail. He had 3 prior OVI convictions and refused a breath test. He how has a court date in Rocky River Muny Court.

Home Ransacked

On 6/30/19 at approx. 12:15AM a resident of the 30000 of Hilliard returned home to find that their house was ransacked. There were signs of forced entry to the home. An inventory is being collected but it appears that the burglars were after jewelry and cash. Investigators are following up with evidence.

Musical Cars

On 7/2/19 at about 1PM officers stopped a vehicle entering I90 E/B from Columbia for a traffic violation. The driver readily admitted that he had a suspended license. While the officers were dealing with the driver, a second vehicle pulled up behind them. This second car contained a female driver and the owner of the 1st car, the original driver’s girlfriend. The girlfriend admitted that she knew her guy had a suspended license but allowed him to drive her BMW anyway. The 21yo girlfriend from Cleveland was cited with Wrongful Entrustment. To make matters more confusing, the driver of the 2nd vehicle was the mother of the driver of the originally stopped vehicle. The mom, not to be outdone, also had a suspended license. The 54yo from Cleveland was cited with driving under suspension. The 1st car stopped was impounded as there was only 1 valid operator in the bunch. Officers also located suspected marijuana in the original car so the male driver, a 32yo from Cleveland, was ticketed for driving under suspension as well as possession of marijuana. All were sent on their way and the officers attempted to make sense of the involved paperwork.

Shop(lifting) Spree

On 7/2/19 at about 5:30P officers were dispatched to Crocker Park for reported shoplifters. Multiple stores reported that 2 teenaged females were seen taking items without paying. Their vehicle was stopped leaving the shopping center. When stopped the young ladies were found to have merchandise from 6 separate stores. The merchandise was collected and turned back over to the businesses. The 4 – 16yo Lakewood residents were turned over to their parents. They will be charged through juvenile court with receiving stolen property.


On Independence Day at approx. 9pm officers working at Clague Park received complaints from citizens about a female who was “creating a scene.” The lady was located and appeared intoxicated. In addition, she was yelling at the crowd around her and was accused of pushing another person during the 4th of July events. Even after officers were on scene, the female continued yelling and swearing at the crowd. She was placed into custody for disorderly conduct while intoxicated and failure to identify herself as she refused to cooperate with the investigation. On the way to jail she asked the officers if they were proud of arresting “a mother,” and threatened that she would make this into a “national incident.” The report will be forwarded to the Westlake Prosecutor for possible additional assault charges. The 47yo Westlake resident was later released to a sober person.


A Fairview Park woman contacted police reporting having been defrauded of over $1500 on July 2. She did business via an app over the internet. Her account was suddenly closed, and shortly after, she got a call from someone claiming to be from the app trying to fix her problem. She thought she was linking the app with her bank for payments, but discovered later that withdrawals were made from her bank account totaling over $1500. When she attempted deleting her app account, she found that she was locked out. Invest to continue, no viable suspects at this time.

Dog Kills Bunnies

Police received a call from a Northwood Ave resident, that the neighbor’s dog had entered his yard and killed two of his rabbits which were in temporary pens while he cleaned their regular cage. The dog owner reported it was on a leash, but she was not holding it at the time, and it went after the rabbits. After review by the animal control officer, a citation was issued for Animal At Large to the 56 year old female dog owner.

Funny Money

Police responded to McDonalds on a report of a counterfeit $5 bill paid for by a female buying food. When asked about the bill, she stated she didn’t know it was fake and had just gotten it as change from Burger King, almost across the street. This information was confirmed by the manager at Burger King, where one of the clerks gave it as change not noticing it was a fake bill. The bill was seized and no charges are to be filed unless identity of the person originally passing the bill is discovered.

Senior Saved from Fraud

An alert cashier at Target averted a loss of $5000 by an elderly Rocky River resident. The man was attempting to buy $5000 in gift cards, which was a “flag’ for the cashier. The man told police that he received a call from the “Federal Sheriff’s Office” claiming that there were warrants and lawsuits against him due to someone using his SSN in other states. They further told him the only way to clear this up was by purchasing the gift cards and sending same to them. The scam was averted and may be related to a similar case in Rocky River. The phone number of the caller was checked and found to be not in service.

***The Fairview Park Police Department wishes to stress to everyone that there is no government agency which demands or will accept gift cards, of any type, as payment. If you receive a call directing you to buy them and either mail or give them the codes to the card, they are attempting to scam you!!

Armed Robbery at Avon Lake Restaurant

The Avon Lake Police Department was dispatched to the China Star Restaurant located at 114 Moore Rd. on July 8 after it was reported that a male entered the establishment while brandishing a silver pistol and ordered the witness to give him an undisclosed amount of money.

The witness stated that the suspect left the restaurant on foot, but was unclear as to which direction. Responding officers canvassed the area, but were unable to locate the suspect. The witness describes the suspect as a white male, approximately 5’10”, 145lbs., 20-23 years old, wearing a grey shirt, blue/black blue jeans, blue ski mask and blue back pack.

*** The picture of the individual shown above was observed in the area shortly before the incident and is a party of interest. Anyone with information as to their identity is asked to contact the Avon Lake Police Department at 440-933-4567.

Multiple Drug OD’s

On 06/21/19 at 1923 hours, multiple callers, at least 10 per the dispatcher, contacted Avon Lake Police to report a male was passed out on the ground near Erieview Elementary School located at 32630 Electric Boulevard. Additional calls revealed there were two additional subjects in the same area and it appeared that all three males were intoxicated or possibly under the influence of some type of drug. Officers located these subjects and investigated the incident. As a result, all three subjects were cited for disorderly conduct. They are all to appear at the Avon Lake Municipal Court on 07/09/19 at 0830 hours. Suspected spice was located on one of the male subjects. This item was seized and will be sent to the crime lab for testing.

Assault at Taco Bell

On Wednesday, June 26th, 2019 at 0334 hours, Officers were dispatched to Taco Bell at 510 Avon Belden Road for an Assault complaint. The complainant stated an employee of Taco Bell was assaulted by a customer. As a result, the suspect was arrested for Assault, Underage Consumption, and Disorderly Conduct-Intoxication. He is to appear in the Avon Lake Municipal Court on 07/02/2019 at 0830 hours.

Ridgeville Gun Play

On 06-30-2019 at 1203 hours a male called the NRPD to report a disturbance.. He advised that a male in a black SUV pulled over near his property and got in a verbal altercation with a landscaper working in the caller’s yard. The argument escalated and the male in the SUV pointed a gun at the landscaper before driving off. After a short investigation the male in the SUV was located and charged accordingly.

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