Rocky River Construction Update: August 1, 2019

Hilliard Boulevard Paving Project

Hilliard Boulevard paving and road construction will include milling on Hilliard Boulevard on Friday, August 2nd from Wagar to River Oaks. The milling will begin in the eastbound curb lanes on Friday and will continue in the westbound curb lane on Saturday (August 3rd). Intermediate paving will be installed on Monday and Tuesday (August 5th and 6th) next week. Please note: castings, manhole covers and catch basins will be left exposed after intermediate paving. Intermediate paving will be followed by road and curb repairs. Also, new sidewalk crossing ramps will be installed for compliance where necessary.

The concrete repairs in the Westmoor to Wagar area are being completed and the intermediate paving will be in place until final pavement is scheduled.

Paving has been divided into 2 phases. Phase I paves Westmoor to River Oaks and has a 2019 completion schedule. Phase 2- from River Oaks to the corporation line – is scheduled for 2020. If weather and the construction schedule allows, the City and contractor will consider paving the entire length (Westmoor to corporation line) this year. The safety devices along the construction route will be deployed by the contractor as soon as necessary during milling the area between Wagar and River Oaks which is scheduled in the next few weeks as weather allows.

NO PARKING WILL BE ALLOWED ON HILLIARD DURING CONSTRUCTION. Also, parking on side streets adjacent to Hilliard will need to stay at least 20’ back from Hilliard as some construction work will be occurring in the side street area (at crossing ramps), for milling and also for paving purposes.

The intermediate layer of asphalt will protect the street during road repairs; however, manholes, catch basins and various street valves will be exposed. Please use caution in the zones where intermediate pavement has been installed. Road repairs will require one lane in each direction is used as a construction zone. At all times, one lane of traffic will be maintained on each side of the street: one for eastbound traffic and one lane of traffic will be maintained for westbound traffic. Once the road repairs are completed in one lane of travel – the work zone will shift. Road repairs will be made through the intermediate asphalt course including curb repairs where necessary and replacement of sidewalk crossing ramps required to meet compliance requirements. Once all road, curb and crossing ramp work is complete – the final asphalt will be installed followed by road markings.

Please note that areas in the median, accessed for turn-through, will remain open as much as possible but may be closed for short periods during repair and paving work – the contractor will always have another, nearby turn-through section open and available for access.

At the end of the project, the City will be installing stamped-concrete crosswalks at the Hilliard / Wagar intersection and at the crosswalk near Wildflower and the outdoor pool. Thank you for your patience during this important improvement project and for driving carefully in our construction zones.

Railroad Crossing Closures

The railroad crossings at Linda Street and at Morewood will be closed on Monday, August 5th for crossing upgrade construction. It is anticipated by Norfolk Southern that this work will be completed before the start of school.

Once the Linda Street and Morewood railroad crossing work is completed, they will close Wagar Road for similar work. Again, their goal is to complete this work before August 21st.

City Paving Program

In mid-August the City street paving program will begin on the following streets:
Harwich, Dale, Purnell, Laurel*, Riverwood* and Sunnyhill. These streets will be milled and a new surface pavement will be installed. There will be no road repairs associated with these paving projects. There will be one day where streets will be milled and a surface treatment applied immediately to protect the sub-structure of the street. That treatment will be followed by a final, asphalt surface layer.

*For additional construction on Laurel and Riverwood please see the Dominion Gas Main replacement project below.

In mid-September, road work will begin on Addington and Beach Cliff (from Frazier to Wooster). These streets will have designated curb repairs and then the road will be milled. Following the milling, a new asphalt surface will be installed. Also in mid-September, full depth concrete asphalt repairs will be made on Kingsbury and new catch basins and corresponding concrete pavement will be installed on Kings Mill Run’s cul-de-sac.

Dominion Gas Main Replacement: Lakeview North of I-90 Neighborhood

Dominion gas main replacement projects are planned in the area along Lakeview – north of I-90. Gas mains are located in the east and west tree lawn areas on Lakeview and will be replaced began July 29th as weather allows. Also, gas main replacement work will take place on Laurel up to Hampton, on Riverwood up to Hampton, on Lakeview Court and on Eldora.

Dominion will be leaving door hangers at homes where gas main improvements will interrupt service. Please watch for important information regarding your gas service and these improvements in this Lakeview- north of I-90 neighborhood.

Please note: this work will require Dominion to work in the sidewalk areas (with digging along the sidewalks on the east side of the street). Please use caution when bike riding / walking or use an alternate route to your destination.

Wooster Road Paving Project

Final asphalt has been installed! Thank you for your ongoing patience and caution as we completed this second phase of ODOT’s Detroit / Wooster paving.

Addition work to seal the stamped concrete in the public right-of-way on Wooster near the Detroit intersection is scheduled (as weather allows). There will be new tree boxes installed and new trees to be planted this fall (or spring if weather requires).

Water Line Work – Preview

This summer, water main replacement engineering will begin on Struhar and Shoreland. The Cleveland Division of Water will fund these projects; however, the City will bid the work and assign a contractor. The City of Rocky River will also inspect and manage the project.

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