‘Lovely Ladies’ Bring Joy and Inspiration at Avon Place

“Lovely Ladies” Margaret Stein, Sandy Wanosik and Marge Spatafore have volunteered 75 years cumulatively at Avon Place.

A trio of volunteers who devote every Tuesday morning to bringing joy to residents at Avon Place serve as an inspiration to the community.

At 91-years old, Margaret Stein has been a volunteer at the Detroit Road facility for over 40 years!

“I got started through my work with my parish, Holy Trinity, and I have been coming here ever since,” smiles the energetic and outgoing Margaret.

“A friend of mine from the parish was coming to the nursing home in those days – it was 1978 – and I just started coming along, too,” says Margaret. “We do a bowling board game and exercises with the residents. We all have a good time, and after all these years we all love each other, too. It is fun and we have a good time and we really just enjoy being with the people.”

“She is just phenomenal! The work she does just brings so much joy to the residents here. She is an inspiration to all of us,” says STNA/Activities Associate Sarah Hughes.

“They call us the Lovely Ladies,” smiles Marge Spatafore, a volunteer with over 20 years of service.

“I started coming with the Avon Women’s Club and have been here ever since. We really just enjoy the people. If you can get someone to smile it is such a good feeling. The residents appreciate every little thing so much. You may just spend a minute and a half with a person in their room and they are just are so grateful.”

Sandy Wanosik is a 15 year volunteer who came to Avon Place after a career with Avon Schools. “After I retired, I wanted to do something in the area and Margaret and Marge just said, ‘Join us!’ My hope each time I come is to just bring a smile to someone’s face and maybe turn a bad day into a good day.”

“It is hard to put into words the positive impact these Lovely Ladies bring to our residents, families and staff each week,” says Darleen Perry, Activities Director. “For a few residents, this is the only activity they choose to attend. It is an honor to have them share their spirit of giving.”

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