Century 21 DeAnna Realty: It’s All About Meeting Client Expectations

Jim Fowler, Realtor, Office Manager

As sales leader at Century 21 DeAnna Realty, veteran agent Jim Fowler has maintained a constant vision as the company has grown from three to 30 agents in the past two years.

“My goal is to meet each client’s expectations,” says Fowler.

In the 13 years Jim has been affiliated with the DeAnna agency, he has seen plenty of changes – everything from the recent affiliation with nationwide brand Century 21 to navigating the ever-changing world of technology.

Through it all, Jim has embodied a posture of success: Adapt and prosper.

“Years ago, you maybe would have put six photos of a home in the MLS to advertise. Now, with the ability to use cutting edge technology, apps and the resources of a nationwide entity, our resources are equal to anyone in the country,” he says. “But nothing will ever replace personal contact, being professional and working with people. Of course, lots of people want text messages and emails, but customer contact is what they really want. I still like writing things down.”

Jim’s consistency, says Century 21 DeAnna Realty President Mike DeAnna, is a mainstay of the company’s success in transitioning to its Century 21 affiliation 18 months ago.

“From a sales standpoint, Jim has really carried the ball the last two years,” says Mike of Ohio Family Realty’s move to Century 21 DeAnna Realty. “When Tony DeAnna moved into business development, I realized Tony’s sales would drop off. We wanted Tony to focus more on recruiting and training. So Jim took on a heavier role in sales. Jim helps with Tony’s current client base, all the while serving his own clients. Jim has been with us since 2006 and is now one of the top sales people in the state of Ohio based on transactions!”

“There was a lot to do,” says Jim of the transition. “But much of it was one-time things like updating signs and other things. Now, with so many others on the team, we can handle a lot more listings and transactions. It is so much more streamlined and there are so many others on the team. I don’t think much about personal sales totals because there are so many others here who have played a role in a transaction.”

Growing to 30 agents has allowed Century 21 DeAnna Realty see its annual sales figures from 100 to over 200 transactions annually.

“Mike, Tony and I have always listed and sold a lot of homes,” says Jim. “The people that we are and the way we handle transactions is second to none. With the people we’ve added and the training we offer here at the DeAnna Training Center, we welcome them to our culture of client service. Our technology and tools have improved, but our focus on client service has remained the same. We are second to none.”

“Jim even finds time to teach a class or two with our agents. Jim primarily teaches contract training. He answers numerous questions because of all of the different situations that may occur during the closing process. Jim is well versed in that area,” concludes Mike.

“Every successful company relies on a person to do the heavy lifting. Jim is our guy at Century 21 DeAnna Realty.”

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