Westlake Resident Loses $5 Grand in Phone Scam

Westlake Police report that a resident was so frightened by an intimidating phone caller that the victim lost $5000 in a gift card scam.

Police report that, “On Wed 9-11-19 we took a report from a Westlake resident who had received several calls from an “Indian sounding” male who told her he was with the US Marshals Service. 

‘When the victim finally answered one of the calls, the fraudster told the victim that she had a warrant out for her arrest and intimidated her into purchasing $5000 worth of Target gift cards. 

‘Of course, the suspect had the scared victim read all the numbers off the gift cards. 

‘Note that the US Marshals Service indicated to us that their phone had been compromised so the caller ID MIGHT look legit. IF ANYONE asks/demands/intimidates you into buying gift cards to pay for criminal charges, warrants, child or grandchild troubles, etc – IT IS A SCAM!! Do not buy the cards. NO actual government entity nor private company will demand you buy gift cards to pay for debts or to get rid of “warrants.” ***Please pass this on to your loved ones, although this was a younger adult victim this time the older population is often targeted.***’

Personal Information Taken

“A female came to WPD (on Sept. 11) to report that she had been tricked into passing personal information to an individual over the phone. The victim was of Chinese descent and the caller claimed that they were from the Chinese government. The scammer led our resident to believe that she was in trouble which scared the victim into revealing her information. ***Note that variations of this scam are prevalent. Before giving out personal information over the phone or internet please double check the legitimacy of the caller. It can be as easy as an internet search engine or independently finding a call back number for the purported company or government agency that contacted you. ***

Daughter is Suspect in Grandma theft

“On 9/6/19 WPD picked up a 51yo female for whom the department had a felony warrant for theft. The Euclid resident had been in jail at Cuyahoga County SO (sheriff office) before being brought to the Westlake Jail. In 2017, a granddaughter brought her 81yo grandmother to WPD to report a theft from the older lady. To make matters worse, they had evidence that the victim’s own daughter was the suspect. In all, the suspect wrote 51 checks fraudulently and without permission from her elderly mother. These checks totaled more than $9000. Investigators developed probable cause and received the warrant to arrest the 51yo daughter in December of 2017. The charges of felony theft with an elderly victim specification were bound over to the county grand jury.”

Heroin in Grocery Store

“On 9/9/19 at approx. 5:30PM WPD received a call from a female who reported that she dropped her 67yo son off at the Giant Eagle in Westlake to pay 2 males for “some sort of extortion.” When the son did not come back out of the store, the elderly mother became alarmed. Officers searched the store and finally located the male in one of the bathrooms. The North Ridgeville resident said he “may have” fallen asleep in the restroom. Officers located heroin and a tightly rolled dollar bill on the male. He was arrested and felony possession of heroin. He also admitted that the extortion story was fabricated.”


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