Writers Wanted! Seniors Creative Writing Contest Offers $150 Gift Card

Are you a Senior who has always wanted to write? Here’s the contest for you!

The purpose of this creative writing contest is to inspire, encourage or promote the health and wellness of today’s actively aging population!

Prize – First Prize Essay Winner will receive a $150 American Express Gift Card. The winning essay will be published in The Villager Newspaper (print and online) March 19, 2020 and on AgingGracefully.TV blog March 21, 2020.

Writing Contest Guidelines – Essays must be typed and submitted by email to Info@AgingGracefully.TV by midnight of March 13, 2020.

Contest Link: aginggracefully.tv/writing-contest/

Any person may apply with an original and unpublished essay as many times as desired. Organizations or companies may apply as long as there is no self-promotion or mention of the company name. Include a 40-word or less bio about yourself as the writer, or your company, and your website, if applicable.

Essays should be 300 to 350 words, written in “blog style.”

Blog Style Examples – Include headings and subheadings, just as you see in this page you are reading and use bullet points or a numbered list, as in the pages on Improving Balance or Ladder Safety.

Topics – The essay should be informative, offering how-to tips or suggestions relevant to the following topics:

Benefits of Nature – Examples might be how or why one could benefit from fresh air, natural scents, walking barefoot (earthing), seeing the beauty of water, mountains, or sunsets.

How I Make New Friends – Help prevent isolation by example as in clubs, library programs, hobbies, creating intergenerational relationships, or sending out cards or making phone calls.

Making A Difference – Suggestions include any impact you want to leave on family or community, family photos, stories, genealogy work, or volunteering for a cause.

Contest Judging – The winner will be selected by Villager Newspapers and AgingGracefully.TV. Entries must be received at Info@AgingGracefully.TV by Friday, March 13th at midnight.

Feel free to email any questions in advance to Info@AgingGracefully.TV!


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