Bay Police Chief Mark Spaetzel Retires, Sgt. Kathy Leasure to Take Oath of Office

Bay Village Police Chief Mark Spaetzel announced on Tuesday that the May 19 meeting of City Council would be his last official meeting as Chief of the Bay Village Police Department.

Chief Spaetzel will retire on June 1, 2020 after 34 1⁄2 years with the City of Bay Village. He extended appreciation for the work of each and every one, noting that he worked for six Mayors and many Council members over the years. 

He stated that it has been his honor and pleasure to serve and all he has worked with have contributed to his success as a law enforcement officer. Chief Spaetzel stated further that he considers public service a privilege, and he has been blessed to work in public service for this many years. Bay Village is a great place to work and a great community. He believes he has had a great working relationship with everyone and Bay Village is a better place because of this cooperation. 

The Chief noted that if there has not always been agreement, there has been good discussion which is part of the democratic process. Chief Spaetzel stated that as he moves on to his next stage of life, he thanks each and every one.

Mayor Koomar stated that from his role as Mayor and Council person, the Chief’s professionalism, willingness to collaborate, and quick attention to address residents’ concernshas always been greatly appreciated.

Council President Clark stated that on behalf of the City Council it has been an honor and a privilege to servewith Chief Spaetzel. With 34 1⁄2 years of public office, the Chief will retire with deep appreciation for everything he has done.

Mayor Koomar stated that Sergeant Kathy Leasure will take the oath of office as Chief of Police on Tuesday, June 2, 2020 at 8:30 a.m.

Mr. Clark extended good wishes to Sergeant Leasure, who expressed appreciation to the Mayor and City Council.

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