City of Avon’s Playgrounds are OPEN

Play Safely, Have Fun and Be Kind

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Help protect your family and neighborhood from COVID-19:

Wash Hands…

  • After playing
  • Before and after eating a snack
  • When you return home
  • No soap and water? Use hand sanitizer or antibacterial wipes.

Keep 6 feet apart when possible. More space between you and other people means less risk of getting sick.

Wear a cloth face covering…

  • While talking with neighbors
  • When children (over age 2) are done being active
  • When walking home as a group
  • Do not wear face coverings when playing, running or climbing

Stay home when you are sick.

Find more health and safety info at

Playgrounds will be professionally cleaned on Mondays between 7 am  – 12 pm. Closures may occur during this time.


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