Bay Schools COVID-19 Planning (July 2020)

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Thank you for your patience as we work to refine our plans to safely open our schools this fall. We have prepared a new Safe School Reopening Parent Resource Guide to pull together much of the important information regarding our plan.

You can find the guide at:

You will be receiving more building-specific information from your school principals soon.

Our PowerSchool program will be available to you on Thursday, July 23. At that time, you will be able to update your contact information and sign the required parent forms for this school year. Included in those forms will be the option to select whether your child(ren) will attend school in-building or from home through eLearning. We would like your decision by July 27 so that classes can be organized. Please contact your school office with questions.

It will be a challenge, but we are all looking forward to seeing our students again! While we need to remain flexible as news about the COVID-19 virus evolves, we are proud of this plan, and we know that with you as our partners, we will be successful in providing our students a quality learning experience.

Sincerely, Jodie Hausmann, Superintendent

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about starting school during COVID-19

Important: all plans are subject to change depending upon the alert levels of
the COVID-19 virus color band. In addition, the district may revise plans
as needed based upon a variety of factors as we experience this new education process.

Questions regarding the start of school in the fall of 2020 will be answered here when information is available. Some details of our plan are being finalized. We are working our way through and will be updating more the next day or two. We are grouping similar questions into representative Q&A. If we don’t know the answer yet, we may need to wait to post. We are not responding individually unless we need to contact for clarification.

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