Together We Stand!

The power of community was evidenced in a big way on Sunday, Aug. 9 as fire crews from nine West Shore communities responded to a horrific blaze at the Courtyard Condos on Detroit Road in Westlake.

The scenario played out when Westlake Police responded to the large fire at the Condos. The officers braved the heavy smoke and flames on the roof to evacuate the residents and pets that were inside. They then assisted the fire departments that responded.

All 5 Westcom cities (Westlake, Bay Village, Rocky River, Fairview Park and North Ridgeville) along with crews from Avon, Avon Lake, Lakewood, and North Olmsted battled the 2 alarm fire late Sunday morning.

The action of the heroic efforts was captured by H6 Photography. Visit H-6 Photo on Facebook.

Here is the Westlake Fire Department press release for structure fire at 28260 Detroit Road, The Courtyard Condominiums.

On August 9, 2020 at 11:22:53, Westcom central dispatch center received multiple calls of a working fire. Most of these calls came from motorists on Interstate 90 without an exact address. At 11:24:41, Westcom Dispatched a first alarm assignment to the area in an attempt to locate the fire. At 11:25:49 Units were updated with the correct address of 28260 Detroit Road, The Courtyard Condominiums, with units going enroute to the fire at 11:26:18.

At 11:31:52, the first fire apparatus arrived on the scene and found a well-advanced fire emanating from the third floor of the north side of the building extending into the roof structure. The Westlake Police department was on scene assisting residents in evacuating the building and removing their pets to safety.

The first arriving companies attempted to make an aggressive interior fire attack. The fire was too advanced and the crews retreated to a defensive posture. With the assistance of our mutual aid partners, the fire was brought under control in approximately an hour and a half. Due to the size of the fire and the hot and humid weather conditions two alarms were called to the scene. Assistance was given by the Cities of Avon, Avon Lake, Bay Village, Fairview Park, Lakewood, North Olmsted, North Ridgeville, and Rocky River. The Red Cross was also called to the scene to assist 15 displaced residents.

The cause of the fire is currently under investigation by the Westshore Fire Investigation Unit with the assistance of the State Fire Marshal’s Office.

About Westcom

The Westshore Central Dispatch Center (WCD) sends fire and EMS responders to 9-1-1 and emergency number calls in Bay Village, Fairview Park, North Ridgeville, Rocky River and Westlake and for mutual aid to other neighboring communities.

The WCD is part of a national trend to coordinate services among neighboring cities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their emergency personnel and equipment.

The mission of the Westshore Central Dispatch Center (“WestCom”) is to provide professional and efficient emergency communications to the citizens, first responders, and visitors of the Westshore Region. This is accomplished through utilizing technology, ongoing training, dedicated employees, and continued growth to fulfill the needs of our community and all who pass through it.

Mutual aid between West Shore communities is a regular occurrence and a powerful example of commitment to quality of life and public safety in the area.

The entire West Shore is fortunate to be served by this comprehensive response plan and the heroic efforts of those men and women who stand ready to respond to these emergencies.

The total mutual aid calls for the Westcom Fire Departments thus far in 2020 is 203. Please keep in mind that the numbers provided reflect Westcom cities providing mutual aid as well as receiving mutual from the surrounding communities.
  • Mutual Aid Medical total: 133 calls.
  • Mutual Aid Motor Vehicle Accidents total: 16 calls
  • Mutual Aid Fire Runs total: 57 calls.
  • Mutual Aid Total: 203
During 2020, Westcom Fire Departments have run a combined 9,710 calls for service with mutual aid runs accounting for 2% of its total run volume.
Westcom is located within UH St John Medical Center.

Westlake Officer Earns Commendation

Congratulations to Ptl. Ryan Jasinsky who received a commendation from Westlake Fire Chief Hughes for his actions during a house fire on July 30. He heroically saved the family pet from perishing in the blaze which completely engulfed the home. “I’m sure the family is more than grateful. Good Job, Ryan! He is also our newest officer and a great addition to the team!” reports Capt. Gerald Vogel. No persons or animals were injured in the fire.

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