Cooking Demo at The Normandy Senior Living: Beef Bourguignon

Ever wonder what’s going on behind the scenes in The Normandy kitchen?

Beef Bourguignon a la Normandy Senior Living Food Service Director and Chef Matt Orear made for an outstanding live cooking demo on The Normandy’s Facebook page last week.

Watch as he walks us through the steps of preparing Beef Bourguignon. Grab your ingredients ahead of time so you can follow along or just sit back and enjoy!

Chef Matt’s Julia Child-inspired recipe is a dish served often at the Normandy. “I don’t put beef stew on the menu very often, but I’ll put this (beef bourguignon) on the menu which is just a glorified version of beef stew. It’s fantastic though. It’s one of my favorite dishes.”

The only major deviation he made from the Julia Child’s original recipe was simplifying the preparation. “She used every pot in the house and if you’re like me I don’t like to do any dishes when I’m done cooking. I did this to come up with a way with using very minimal amount of dishes.”

One of the best parts about being a resident at The Normandy, definitely the food! Imagine Chef-prepared, restaurant-style meals every single day.

“I never follow a recipe. I look at recipes, I use them as a guideline. But unless you’re baking, you can stray anyway you want.”

Visit The Normandy Facebook page ( to view the video of the live cooking demo to learn more of Chef Matt’s cooking tips and how to make Beef Bourguignon.

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