Infant Saved! Westcom Dispatcher Gary Skelley Honored

A well deserved recognition was bestowed upon Westcom dispatcher Gary Skelley this week.

Gary was awarded the Challenge Coin Award from the Cleveland Clinic for his actions on the morning of Sunday, August 16, 2020.

At 1115hrs Westcom received a 911 call from a parent of an unresponsive 2 month old infant that was turning blue. The calm and decisive actions of Gary, while guiding the parents of the child through the CPR procedure, resulted in the child being resuscitated halfway through the third cycle of CPR. Rocky River Fire arrived shortly after. The award was presented by Dr. James Mark, Chief of Staff at Fairview Hospital, Bill Sillison, Regional EMS Coordinator for CCF and Joe Gavlak, EMS Coordinator at Fairview Hospital.

All Westshore/Westcom dispatchers are exceptional at their job. Gary, a full time dispatcher with Westcom and a part-time firefighter for Northfield Village, humbly accepted his award and went right back to work… because that’s what they do. (Fairview Park Firefighter Karl Bort created the Firehose Flag for Westcom).


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