Avon Lake High School Senior Elisabeth Lendal to Receive Prestigious Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy Award

Elisabeth Lendal Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy Award 2020

Elisabeth Lendal, senior at Avon Lake High School, recently learned that she will be awarded the prestigious Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy Award 2020 on November 6, 2020 from the Greater Cleveland Chapter of Association of Fundraising Professionals.

Elisabeth understands the importance of giving back to the community. As the youngest board member of Avon/Avon Lake Community Resource Service (CRS), she has developed an impressive resume of defining opportunities to address problems and enlisting broad based community participation in providing solutions for people in need. As a freshman, Elisabeth became one of the youngest Girl Scouts in the nation to achieve the prestigious Gold Award. Her Gold Award project started from an awareness that the CRS food bank was an efficient vehicle for delivering nourishment and her conviction that food should be more than just sustenance. For her project “Spices & More” she organized a community campaign to collect donations of more than 1200 spice bottles for the food bank. She then expanded her project by creating a cookbook of “friends’ favorite recipes” featuring commonly available food bank items. This 26-recipe cookbook was donated to clients of CRS along with the spice bottles she collected. Since the completion of her cookbook, over 25 non-profit organizations nationwide are now offering her cookbook to their clients.

Elisabeth Lendal birthday boxes with CRS Pam Ohradzansky Director

She followed “Spices & More” with a project called “Birthday Boxes” which was conceived to brighten the birthday experience of CRS clients. Elisabeth worked with local stores and businesses as well as individual community members and friends, to raise over $800.00 to fund “Birthday Boxes.” In August 2019, she provided CRS with 50 special Birthday Boxes full of birthday treats for both children and adults.

In March 2020, when the Coronavirus hit the community, Elisabeth gathered the troops and reached out to family and friends for help. Within 3 days, she had collected enough money to donate over 450 hygiene and cleaning products to help CRS clients fight off this pandemic. Over the course of her high school career, she has donated well over 3500 hygiene products through fundraising and collections within the community.

Elisabeth Lendal in one of her many Hygiene Products Collection for CRS

Leading by example defines this high school senior’s approach to service. Besides her school involvement in Student Council, French Honor Society, Honor Society and Pep Club, she is also involved in her Girl Scout Troop and has participated in two 10-day mission trips with her youth group where she helped build, roof and paint houses in Maine and New Orleans. An avid athlete, she plays both Varsity Tennis and Varsity Lacrosse, as well as leading the teams as their captain. She is also on the Board of Directors of CRS as a student representative.

Elisabeth Lendal Girl Scout

The Youth in Philanthropy Award recognizes service by a child or group of children in grades K-12 who demonstrate commitment to the community through direct financial support, volunteering, and/or leadership in philanthropy. The child or group devotes time, talent, and/or treasure to creatively support a nonprofit and is responsible for the creation, orchestration, and results of this project which is ideally still ongoing.



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