Superheros Return to Avon

Even Superheros wear masks! The Incredible Hulk gets a little help with his mask from Batgirl at the outdoor Movie Night.

The non-profit group Superheros to Kids in Ohio made a special visit to Avon for outdoor movie night the evening of Sat., Sept. 12.

The event took place in the Aquatic Center Park. For the last few years, the event has featured an outdoor drama where kids save Mayor Bryan Jensen from being kidnapped my evil characters. With the help of the kids in attendance, good guys like Batman and others save the City!

This year, the Superheros greeted families as they entered the park and enjoyed an outdoor movie feature, “Incredibles 2.”

“I want to welcome the Superheros back to the city and all it means to the city,” said Mayor Bryan Jensen. “You will see a lot of kids enjoying today, and I think it is important for them to enjoy today! We’ll look forward to a normal Superhero Day next year.”

“We are very grateful that September 12th’s Drive In event for 60 families was a great success in the City of Avon,” said Brian Chulik of Superheros to Kids in Ohio.

“We are extremely grateful to Mayor Jensen and his wonderful staff! We welcomed all the ‘SUPER KIDS’ and ‘SUPER FAMILIES’ before the socially distant event. Thank you to ‘Germ Free Company’ for the donation of special, sterilized backpacks. Thank you to all the Super Kids and Families who came out for a fun night!

‘Super Heroes To Kids in Ohio’ is an officially registered 501(c)3, non-profit charity organization not affiliated with Marvel, DC, Disney, or any other company. All acts are done in a charitable tone. No member makes any money from what they do. They are 100% volunteer with over 900 appearances since 2010.

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