17 Thefts from Autos Reported in Bay

Bay Village Police state that they received 17 reports of thefts from autos in the past week.

‘Bay Village Police continue to seek help from residents regarding vehicle thefts and theft from auto reports. During the past week, seventeen (17) reports were taken regarding a theft from auto,” say Bay Police in a news release.

‘Further, on September 22, a vehicle was stolen from a residence in the 400 block of Elmwood Road. This vehicle was later recovered abandoned and damaged in the 3000 block of Project Ave in Cleveland. The homeowner reported that a wallet with cash, credit cards and other important paperwork was left inside the vehicle. The homeowner admitted that the vehicle was left unlocked with the keys inside. Bay Village Detectives are investigating.

‘Please continue to lock your vehicles and remove the keys and valuables from sight. Especially those that have push button starters. It is incredibly easy for criminals to reach into your car and push the starter button. If it turns on, they steal it. They don’t even have to look for the keys.’

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