Pet Pals Return to UH St. John

The return of Pet Pals to University Hospitals St. John Medical Center was a welcome sight on Sept. 21.

Pet Pals is a pet therapy program that uses trained volunteers and their adult dogs to make visits to adults and children who would enjoy the company of a furry friend.

This time, however, because of coronavirus restrictions, visits were made through corridor windows along the first floor of the hospital.

It was a happy reunion for Pet Pals, staff and all who missed their happy presence on the campus.

Pet Pals were on hand for three shifts that spanned the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m., reconnecting with one and all.

Pet Pal volunteers who brought their dogs included:

John Bellflower (Cobra, Golden Retriever)

Tom & Patty Gray (Keanu, Alaskan Malamute)

Tom Huntley (Noah, Bernese Mountain)

Jim Konzen & Kirsten Yates-Konzen (Maisie Golden Retriever)

Don Luczkowski (Lilly, Shih-Tzu)

Kathy Erzen (Bea, Cavachon)

Wayne & Joyce Klotzbach (Gracie, Golden Retriever)

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