Happy New Year from The Normandy Senior Living

Happy New Year from The Normandy! We hope this year brings lots of joy and happiness!

Why I Chose The Normandy is our new campaign focused on giving you the opportunity to hear first hand from our residents about what they like at The Normandy. Learn about their decision-making process, deciding factors, and favorite aspects. Head to the Coffee Corner to start watching now! www.thenormandy.com/coffee-corner/

Did you know that you can find resident interviews, cooking demonstrations, virtual tours, and more all in one place? The Coffee Corner is our go-to spot for learning about and staying connected to The Normandy.

From Independent Living, Assisted Living, and the Care Center – The Normandy has it all, for every step of the aging process. The best part? When you sign a lease we’re giving you $1,000 off each month for the first 3 months or waive the community fees!

But that’s not all! When you refer a friend by liking our page and liking, commenting, and sharing any post about this deal – we’re entering you into a raffle to win $500 AND a FREE iPad!

A huge thank you to our award winning Chef Matt for walking us through the process of preparing Shrimp Étouffée during our most recent cooking demonstration. It’s great learning about what goes on behind the scenes in the kitchen!

Don’t worry if you missed it, you can still watch by scrolling down on our Facebook page at The Normandy Senior Living.

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