Kindness Challenge at Westview in Avon Lake

Kindness Spirit Week, Jan. 25-29

We all know how important it is to be kind. Students are reminded daily to be kind to each other, but at Westview Elementary School (grades K-4) in Avon Lake, they are kicking kindness up a notch.

Student Council signed up the school for “The Great Kindness Challenge” which is next week Jan. 25-29. To sum it up, it is a national project to encourage kindness. Throughout the week, there will be many activities including a few listed below:

  1. Teachers received checklists with different acts of kindness. Each student will get a copy to keep at school. Students are encouraged to do as many acts they can from the checklists (as well as any other acts that are not on the page). There is no school-wide competition, prizes, etc. It is simply for the students to challenge themselves to do as many acts of kindness as they possibly can.
  2. There will be a “Kindness Spirit Week.”.
  3. Multiple signs/bulletin boards, etc. are throughout the school.
  4. Each teacher will get a pack of sticky notes. When they notice the students doing kind acts, they will write that act out on a sticky note, along with their name. They can take it to the “Kind” bulletin board which will be hanging up by the office in the school. They will place the sticky note on the letters  K I N D to eventually spell out the word with sticky notes.
  5. Student Council students are also secretly going to sneak around to teachers classrooms to show kind acts (such as giving them a special treat) each morning.

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