Bay Police: “No Credible Threats Nor Weapons were Found” in Bay High Search

Bay Village Chief of Police Kathy Leasure issued this statement today following a lock-down at Bay High in reponse to a phone call alleging a threat to the school.

“At approx.  12:57 p.m., the Bay Village Police Department received a call. On the phone was a male voice reporting that an individual was in a high school bathroom with guns and knives threatening to shoot up the school. The school resource officer was advised and the other officers working the road were dispatched. The school was also advised and put under lock down. Mutual aid was requested from surrounding agencies,” reported Chief Leasure.

“A systematic search of the school was conducted and no credible threats nor weapons were found. 

“Students were subsequently transported to Bay Presbyterian Church and are being reunified with their parents. That is still taking place at this point in time.

“Our detectives will continue to investigate this matter. Some of the rumors out there, there might have been some hostages or people in bathrooms and that is false.

“There were no hostages and, like I said, no credible threats, and no weapons were located.”



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