Westlake Police: More Troubles on Motel Row

Westlake Police continue to patrol the community’s motel district near I-90. Public safety continued to be served recently with the following results:

Gun with extended magazine recovered by Westlake Police in Wetlake’s motel district.

-On 2/13/21 at about 1:30AM a vehicle was observed traveling through the Sonesta Suites hotel parking lot without headlights or taillights.  The vehicle was stopped at Clemens and Crocker Rds.  Officers detected signs of drug use and also saw a firearm in plain view.  Investigation revealed that the 3 male occupants were in possession of 3 loaded semi-automatic handguns one of which had an extended magazine.  Suspected marijuana and drug paraphernalia was also confiscated from the vehicle.  2 adults and 1 juvenile were arrested and transported to WPD.  Weapons charges against the adults, an 18yo Euclid resident and a 19yo Cleveland resident, will be presented to the county grand jury.  Weapons charges against the 17yo Euclid juvenile will be recommended through juvenile court.  The 17yo was picked up by a parent.  

-On 2/13/21 at approx. 12:45AM a vehicle was stopped on I90 at Columbia for a license plate violation along with a lane violation.  The car was occupied by 5 persons and open containers of alcohol were observed.  Investigation revealed that the group was in possession of suspected marijuana along with 2 loaded handguns.  3 of the occupants also had misdemeanor warrants entered for their arrest.  2 males were physically arrested for the weapons violations.  A 28yo Cleveland resident and a 32yo Kent resident were transported to the WPD jail.  Charges of felony improper handling of a firearm and using weapons while intoxicated will be presented to the county grand jury.  The rest of the group was sent on their way.

-On 2/12/21 at approx. 9:30PM an officer stopped a vehicle On Crocker Rd at Hospice Way after learning that the registered owner of the car was wanted for a felony warrant out of Cuyahoga County.  The 28yo Cleveland resident had an entered parole violation for a sexual offender registration violation.  The male was driving and was arrested.  He was immediately transported to the Cuyahoga County justice center. 

-On 2/12/21 at about 10:35PM an officer heard a Jeep Cherokee driving on Clemens at Bradley.  The vehicle was extremely loud and sounded like one of the wheels was locked up.  Officers tried to stop the SUV as it pulled into the Extended Stay Hotel on Clemens.  The operator quickly tried to back up and struck another vehicle in the lot. The 43yo Westlake resident who was driving admitted that there was something wrong with the vehicle.  Another thing that was wrong was that the man had a methamphetamine pipe protruding from one of his sleeves.  Investigation revealed that in addition to the pipe, the male was in possession of a scale and suspected methamphetamine.  He was arrested.  At the WPD jail, the man was found to be in possession of a couple of blue pills as well.  He was booked and later released pending lab results of the suspected narcotics. 

-On 2/13/21 at about 11:15AM an officer observed a male riding a bicycle against traffic on Crocker Rd just south of Clemens Rd.  While investigating the traffic violation, the biker misidentified himself after saying that he was coming from the Red Roof Inn.  Investigation revealed the 55yo Akron resident’s actual identity.  He was wanted for felony warrants for Aggravated Robbery and Burglary from the Cuyahoga County Sheriff Dept along with Adult Parole Authority for a weapons violation.  Charges for tampering with records and possession of a meth pipe will be presented to the county grand jury.  The male was turned over to the Cuyahoga County Jail.

-On 2/15/21 at approx. 6PM officers were called to the Double Tree Hotel by employees who were having trouble with a guest.  A male was arguing with the clerks and “fake” falling on the ground.  Before officers arrived, the employees updated that the suspect had broken into some else’s room which luckily was unoccupied at that time.  Officers discovered that the male was too intoxicated to even walk back to the lobby.  He was transported by an ambulance to UH St. John Medical Center for his own safety.  As officers were responding to the hospital to charge the 23yo Westlake resident for his antics at the hotel, the hospital reported that he had taken off running out of the ER.  Officers again located the male.  This time he was running in the middle of Crocker Rd.  He was arrested and transported to the Westlake City Jail.  The man was cited with Disorderly Conduct While Intoxicated.

-On 2/16/21 at about 11:24AM WPD received a call from a male who claimed that he had been staying at the Red Roof Inn on Clemens with someone else.  The complainant did not know the other person’s name so the hotel would not let him back into the room to retrieve his belongings.  Officers were dispatched to figure out what was happening and found the 42yo Mansfield resident hiding behind the BP gas station across the street.  In speaking with the male and staff at the hotel, it was learned that the payment for the room was declined so the occupants were locked out.  Investigation revealed that the room contained suspected methamphetamine along with various paraphernalia used to consume the drug.  Due to the drugs found, the hotel banned the male from the property.  The suspected drugs were sent to the lab.  Charges may be forthcoming pending the results of analysis. 

-On 2/17/21, a customer of the Double Tree on Clemens reported that her tires had been slashed in the parking lot.  Officers investigated the complaint and learned that the victim had just gotten into a heated discussion with her ex-boyfriend at the hotel.  The 43yo Cleveland male walked to the parking lot and left the area.  Shortly thereafter, the victim discovered the damage to her tire.  Complaints for criminal damaging were completed against the ex-boyfriend. 

-On 2/18/21 officers responded to a report of a disturbance in the lobby of the Double Tree Hotel on Clemens.  Employees believed that a fight was about to erupt.  Officers arrived and calmed the situation.  WPD assisted the employees with the eviction of 2 persons from the hotel.  One, a 27yo Cleveland Hts male, had an entered warrant out of Willoughby PD.  He was transported and turned over to the other department. 

-On 2/19/21 a customer of the Double Tree Hotel on Clemens reported that a license plate was stolen off of her GMC SUV while it was parked in the lot overnight.  There were no suspects.  The plate was entered as stolen in police databases. 


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