Saving Grace

Westlake Police animal control ran across a distressed Tundra Swan in the area of Downing Street last week. Officer James Wang noticed it was in distress and safely transported it to the Lake Erie Nature Science Center for treatment.

Today, LENSC reports the swan is in good shape!

“At the time (Feb. 12), Lake Erie was nearly frozen along with nearby inland lakes. The swan was found severely emaciated due to lack of food sources from the severe weather,” reports LENSC. “Thank you to Westlake Animal Control for contacting our wildlife staff and bringing the swan to the Center.

“The swan’s condition is improving in our care, gaining over 500 grams in just one week. We appreciate the many questions from the community about the swan’s condition, and hope to share more updates soon!”

“This is also a good reminder to check in on your friends/neighbors/relatives,” remind Police. “The winter conditions mixed with the continuing pandemic can leave people feeling isolated. Help each other out. Don’t hesitate to call WPD if needed. We’re here 24/7.”

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