One of the Pioneers in MMA to Evangelist, Pastor David Hill to Lead Celebrate Recovery at Ascent Church

Ascent Church will host Saddleback Church’s 30 year, Celebrate Recovery Program. Pastor David Hill, Patriarch of God’s Soldier Ministries-Preaching from Pulpit to Penitentiary, Outreach Pastor of Ascent Church will be Leading the Program. Pastor David Hill is a perfect fit as a graduate of Celebrate Recovery over 10 years ago. The program focuses on Hurts, Hang-ups, and Habits.

Pastor David is no stranger to Hurts. He was raised in a Christian home and remembers singing “Jesus Loves Me” as a child. The Christian façade portrayed outside the home did not mirror the daily beatings, mental abuse, drug, and alcohol addiction inside the house. His escape became the world of Martial Arts, Boxing, and Cage Fighting. This world eventually brought him fame as a pioneer in MMA. He fought in the USA, Brazil and Russia. He also was part of 35 “action films” including Blood Sport 2, Fists of Iron, and Death Match. David hosted his own television show on Spike TV, called Boom. However, the enemy still lived inside of him. He was devoid of love, peace, compassion, and empathy. He hated himself and longed to be the little child within. The turning point was when his mom committed suicide. He fell into depression and the world of addiction. He journeyed into a self-inflicted death wish. Through a miraculous Salvation experience and Celebrate Recovery Foundation he was able to find Jesus’ healing touch. Rick Warren co-founder of Celebrate Recovery said, “God has a purpose behind every problem”.

Join us at Ascent Church, 3550 Crocker Road, Westlake, Ohio every Friday starting April 9, at 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Website is:

Celebrate Recovery is an encompassing program for all types of addictions and habits including but not limited to: Anger, Chemical Dependency, Divorce, Domestic Violence, Food and Body Image Issues, Gambling, Love and Relationship Addiction, Physical, Emotional, and Sexual Abuse, Sexual Addiction, and Co-Dependency. Please join us on April 9th Friday at 7 pm.

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