Audra Davis Awarded “New Teacher of the Year”

Congratulations to Avon High School Family and Consumer Science (FACS) teacher Audra Davis!

She was recently awarded “New Teacher of the Year” by the Ohio Association Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences.

YES, Family and Consumer Science courses are still part of the course offerings in school and AHS has an amazing team!

Davis, along with fellow FACS teacher Madelyn Knapp, teach the following courses: • Personal Wellness and Development, • College and Career Readiness, • Principles of Foods and • Global Foods.

“For a period of time FACS was losing traction in Ohio high schools and now more than ever, school leaders see the value and need for these courses in our students’ education,” said Kristina Buller, Avon High School principal.

“Audra and her teammate Madelyn (Knapp) are a dynamic team who very much share a vision for our students. They are everything a school needs for a rewarding, impactful program.”

The course description for “Principles of Foods” includes: Identifying and making healthy choices based on the new MyPlate plan; preparing quick and healthy foods from scratch using convenience methods; redesigning recipes to be healthier; how to become a better grocery shopper by selecting nutritious foods on a budget, and sports nutrition and what an athlete needs to know about training and diets. Students will leave this class with a cookbook collection of recipes. This class is a must have for the apartment or college-bound student.

The course description for “Personal Wellness and Development” includes: The course will guide students to a personalized approach to healthy living during their high school years. An emphasis will be placed on developing personal health that can be used as students transition through life. Additional topics will focus on problem solving, work ethics, nutrition, family dynamics, peer relationships, mental health, decision making, goal setting, and getting involved in the school community.

The course description for “College and Career Readiness” includes: Students will develop effective learning strategies and skills to provide a strong foundation for successful lifelong learning. Throughout the course, students will research careers and occupations, review postsecondary admissions qualifications, FAFSA, scholarships, develop interviewing skills and participate in a shadowing activity. Additional topics will include principles and techniques of professionalism, networking, conflict-resolution, negotiation, leadership and entrepreneurship.

Course description for “Global Foods” includes: Students will compare cuisines, ingredients and preferred cooking methods of various cultures. The influence of traditions and regional and cultural perspectives on food choices and culinary practices will be emphasized. Students will examine the issues and conditions that affect the availability and quality of food in various countries, and apply advanced cooking techniques, including the use of specialty equipment in the preparation of food dishes.

“Real life skill courses like these are so important for all students to learn,” said Davis. “They are applicable to everyday life. The courses also reinforce the curriculum.  They learn in more traditional courses of study as we do math (measuring) and science. It’s very cross-curricular. We try to make these courses as real life as possible for the students. These types of classes were my favorite when I was in high school. I love what I do now and seeing the kids share ideas.”

Quotes from students in the “Principles of Foods” course:

Olivia Leblang, 16, junior – “I just love this class because I love cooking with my family. Desserts are my favorite thing to make. I love making Thanksgiving desserts. This class is great because you learn to work together with others. I love learning new techniques to make food.”

Nena Torres, 16, junior – “I enjoy the teacher and I like finding new cooking methods. I am always cooking at home. We have two young kids in my family so I make a lot of things for them.”

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