Avon East Garden Club: Here Comes Mother’s Day!

Students in the Avon East Garden Club had a busy week getting ready for Mother’s Day!

Even cold spring weather couldn’t stop this intrepid crew as they prepared tomato plants for the coming season.

“Amazing day- amazing humans,” said coordinator Neely Powell on the Avon East Garden Club Facebook page. “Mother’s Day planting day one in the books.  Words are not enough to express the gratitude that we have for Karen Conant – she grew over 600 seedlings for our students to plant and take home.

The garden is entering its second season in the Avon East School courtyard. It was started last year as the brainchild of Neely’s son, Will, who was 7 at the time. Ever since, it’s been a hub of seasonal activity and community activism as kids enthusiastically work and adults contribute to the garden.

“This garden has brought so many amazing people together- all for the most important reason- our children,” adds Neely. “Thank you to all of the families that volunteered and to the wonderful teachers and staff at Avon East for working to make this event possible. Avon will be full of tomatoes this summer! Rain or shine we will carry on tomorrow!”

Day 2, Wednesday: “Mother’s Day planting in the books! We moved to the entrance of Avon East to stay dry! The kids had a blast and they are so excited to grow their tomato plants at home! Thank you to our wonderful volunteers who worked their way through 337 kiddos today! Truly blessed! Thank you Karen Conant for the amazing seedlings!”

Happy Mother’s Day!

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