Westlake Police/Schools Team for Student Safety

How do Westlake Police team with Westlake Schools in protecting students and staff from criminal and even tragic event?

“The Westlake Police Department, in full cooperation with the Westlake City Schools, are committed to ensuring the safety of those who attend, work in and visit the schools in our city,” report Police.

“This starts with the assignment of full time School Resource Officers (SRO) to each of the city schools. These trained and experienced police officers are tasked with not only liaising with the staff at the schools and being a resource for the students, they develop and continually refine the school safety plans for each building.

“This includes the acquisition of important and expertly staged equipment that would be needed in the event of a variety of emergencies that could occur around or inside the building.

“The SROs are essential on scene safety experts who then train and test school staff, students and the police department as a whole. They are visible and on-site each school day.

“Working with the community, the schools have equipped each building with enhancements including controlled access points, modern building features designed to defeat those who wish to unlawfully enter the school or particular rooms inside, and up to date surveillance equipment.

“Each school office has a direct radio link to the police department in the case of an emergency. The Westlake Police Officers on the road meet at each school periodically to familiarize themselves with the layout and security measures in place at each building.

“The partnership and constant communication between the police department and the schools with the support of our community allows for the legitimate feeling of safety in the schools while still preparing for and doing all we can to prevent a tragedy at the hands of a criminal at any of our school buildings.”

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