WEST SHORE BLUES: The Best of the Beats

Officer Brandon Kjaer and Officer John Metzo with friends

Round Up In Ridgeville

North Ridgeville Police are noted for their lively blotter items. Here’s one that takes the prize:

“Well. Here we are again. Folks in the Ridgefield development walked out their front door with a cup of coffee to start a beautiful summer day. As they open their doors and step outside to pick up their newspaper these two are clippity clopping (that’s a technical equine term for you non horse city folk) down the middle of the street.

“Cue the phone lines at the station lighting up.

“As luck would have it, both for the horses and the citizens, our resident WACO (Weird Animal Call Officer), John Metzo, was one minute away. With the help of his apprentice, Officer Brandon Kjaer, and a small rope and two dog leashes, both fugitive horses were taken into custody. I wish I had videos of the lassoing, but there aren’t any, though Brandon contemplated trying to ride one back to wherever they came from. I promise you, if that happens, we will post the video. Both at the scene and in the ambulance.

“Anyway. Thanks to some carrots and apples from the NEIGHbors (get it? NEIGH-bors…..whatever.) they were able to get control of the situation without getting kicked over a house.

“We’re working on finding the owners but if you live in Olmsted Township and know where these two belong, give us a call at 440-327-2191 because, well, the extent of our plan has played out. I guess we’ll just stand here all day with them until the owners come. Unless Brandon rides them somewhere.

“Anyway. Rest easy citizens. The wild horses are no longer terrorizing Ridgefield.

“All in a days work.

***“Update: We found the owner. Officer Brandon is sad. Just like that, his vision of being a cowboy has been dashed. Maybe we should start a mounted unit for him.”

Westlake Police Make Fraud Arrests

On 8/3/2022 WPD took a fraud report from one of our residents. The victim reported that she had found fraudulent charges to her Visa credit card which totaled over $1200. Officers followed up at Home Depot, Mr. Hero and a local bicycle shop where the charges were made. Photos of the 2 suspects and their vehicle were released via the Westlake PD Facebook Page along with traditional media. Detectives received several calls in the following days from persons who knew one or both of the suspects. After confirming their identities, Westlake detectives obtained arrest and search warrants for the couple, their apartment and several storage units that were identified as being involved. The suspect Dodge Ram pickup, a rental vehicle, was located and impounded. The couple were located on 8/17/2022 and arrested without further incident. A 36yo female and a 47yo male were charged with felony identity theft. Both listed a Cleveland address. Additional evidence and suspected fraudulently obtained merchandise was confiscated. Both suspects waived their preliminary hearing and were bound over to the Cuyahoga County Grand Jury. Investigators have identified several other victims in local cities and additional charges are expected.

Crash? What Crash?

On Friday 8/12/22 at about 1AM officers responded to I-90E/B in the area of Cahoon Rd for a reported crash. Callers indicated that a man was possibly trapped in one of the vehicles. Officers and Westlake Fire arrived to find that while no one was trapped, the male driver who caused the collision was clearly unaware that he had even been involved in a crash on the interstate. Reports indicate that he had slurred speech and appeared intoxicated. He had driven directly into the back of another car on the highway. The 41yo Rocky River male was field tested and arrested for OVI. He later refused a breath test.

Man Slams Brakes to Injure Passenger

On 8/19/22 at approx. midnight, WPD received a call from a male reporting that he had been involved in a hit-skip traffic crash somewhere on I-90 W/B in the area of Columbia Rd. According to his account, a black Jeep had struck his vehicle and fled the scene. Furthermore, the crash had injured his wife, who had been riding in the passenger seat during the collision causing her to strike her head on the windshield. They proceeded to the ED at the Cleveland Clinic in Avon so she could be treated. Officers responded and spoke to the complainant. They soon realized that his story did not fully make sense. The actual victim in this incident admitted that while arguing in the moving vehicle, the husband slammed on the brakes for no other reason than to throw her forward toward the windshield. She was not belted in and struck her head hard enough to crack the windshield. The 31yo male was taken into custody for domestic violence. A Temporary Protection Order was requested through Rocky River Municipal Court.

iPhone Thief Nabbed

On 7/31/22 at approx. 10:30AM officers responded to DSW at Crocker Park for a reported theft. Witnesses reported that one of the employees’ phones was taken by a customer. The suspect picked up the iPhone from a table and fled the store. Officers used witness and video descriptions as well as the “Find my phone” application to track the phone and suspect across Crocker Rd near office buildings at Crocker and Detroit. A male was located and interviewed. The 34yo Cleveland resident already had entered warrants out of Cleveland Hts and Lakewood PDs for prior theft charges. When officers located the stolen phone in nearby bushes, the suspect was taken into custody. An inventory of items with the suspect included check books that had been stolen from a restaurant and residential burglary in Rocky River in April 2022. Felony theft charges were presented to the county Grand Jury. The phone was returned to its rightful owner.

Trail Leads to Damaged Car

On 8/7/22 at approx. 11:45AM a concerned citizen called to report that they witnessed a vehicle drive over the curb on Clemens Rd. The out of control vehicle struck a brick business sign before returning to the roadway and fleeing the area. The suspect vehicle was located with a flat tire at the Speedway on Detroit at Bradley. Officers collected car parts from the damaged sign and matched them up with the disabled vehicle at the gas station. The female operator was very unsteady on her feet and was scratched up. She appeared intoxicated and was transported to the hospital by Westlake Fire. Charges for OVI and hit-skip are pending once lab results return.

Disappearing Car!

On 8/5/22 at about 8AM officers were called to an apartment complex at Bassett and Detroit for a stolen vehicle. The victim reported that they had parked their Kia in the lot the night before. When they returned to the car in the morning, the only thing left was a pile of glass. The victim still had the keys to the car. The vehicle was entered into police databases as being stolen.

A/C Unit Shoplifted

On 8/8/22 at approx. 5:30PM employees from Marcs called to report that 2 males stole an air conditioning unit from the store. The description of the vehicle was announced on the police radio and an alert Rocky River officer spotted the get away car on I90. The car was stopped and was occupied by 3 persons. The stolen AC unit was recovered and a passenger, a 50yo male from Brunswick, admitted to being the person who completed the theft. The suspect also had warrants from Portage County, Avon, Brunswick, Cuyahoga County, Willoughby Hills, Strongsville and Westlake. WPD had identified the same male from a prior theft from Marcs. The repentant thief admitted he knew he had many theft warrants and was addicted to drugs.

2.5 Times the Legal Limit

On 8/9/22 at approx. 10:15PM a concerned citizen called WPD to report that they had seen a female passed out behind the wheel of a silver SUV at the top of the exit ramp to Clague Rd from I90. The driver reportedly had her head on the steering wheel. Officers arrived to find that the driver was still unconscious in the car and that the car stereo was blasting. Officers had to knock on the windows of the car to make the female wake up and place the car into park. The 36yo driver who listed a Cleveland address appeared intoxicated and was confused. The driver was field tested and arrested for OVI. Her car was towed and she was transported to the Westlake Jail. Officers noted that she over 2 and ½ times the legal limit according to her breath test. The sleepy driver’s license was suspended before she was released to a sober person with a court date to return to Rocky River Municipal Court.


Between 8/5/2022 and 8/11/2022 Westlake PD took several stolen auto reports. All of the vehicle were taken during the overnight hours. 8/5 – A Kia Forte was taken from Bassett Garden Apartments. 8/5 – A Kia Sportage was taken from Westfield Apartments. It was later recovered by Cleveland PD after being involved in a hit-skip crash in that city. 8/11 – A Hyundai Accent was taken from Westwood Meadows Apartments. 8/11 – A Kia Forte was taken from Westfield Apartments. 8/11 – A Kia Forte was taken from Marview Apartments. 8/11 – A Kia Sportage was taken from Westfield Apartments

AirTag Alert

On 08/08/2022, at 2022 hrs, a Parkside resident called BVPD to report her phone was alerting to an Apple AirTag somewhere within her vehicle, and she felt as though someone was tracking her. A search of the vehicle located the AirTag and it was removed. Police are investigating. An Apple AirTag is a tracking device.

Out of State Warrant

On 08/09/2022, at 1043 hrs, a BVPD officer stopped a vehicle on Wolf Rd. near Columbia Rd. for a traffic violation. Upon speaking with and identifying the driver, it was learned the driver had an active felony warrant for Felonious Assault with the Hendricks County Sheriff’s Office in Indiana. The warrant was confirmed, and the 38-yoa male was taken into custody without incident. The male was later transported to Cuyahoga County Jail to await pickup by Hendricks County.

Welcome In

On 08/10/2022, at 2114 hrs, a resident in the 30500 block of Lake Rd. called BVPD to report his neighbor’s front door had been standing open for several days. Officers checked the interior of the house but no one was home. The house was secured and a note was left for the homeowner.

On the Hoof

On 08/09/2022, at 2022 hrs, a Kenilworth resident called BVPD to report a male and a female (whom both appeared intoxicated) left their vehicle on the side of the road with two flat tires. The couple was last seen walking westbound on Lake Rd. An officer located the couple on Lake Rd. near Elmwood. After speaking with the couple, the officer believed they both had been drinking. The male admitted to driving the car and striking the curb causing the flat tires. Field sobriety tests were administered, and as a result, the male was arrested for OVI. The 44-yoa Vermillion resident will face charges at RRMC. The female was given a courtesy ride to BVPD to make arrangements for a ride home.

Back to School Safety

With school back in session, the Avon Lake Police Department would like to remind you about school safety. Please be aware:

School buses will be out on the roads making frequent stops. If you’re not sure when you’re supposed to stop, check out the photo here.

School Zones will be active again, please follow posted speed limits

Kids will be walking, riding, skating to school; please drive with caution especially when backing out of driveways and approaching crosswalks

Expect traffic delays, plan your commute accordingly, and be patient.

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