“My Two Elaines” Author Visits Arden Courts Westlake

Austin Stull, Walk Manager Lorain County & Mary Jayne Reedy, Executive Director of Alzheimer’s Association

Arden Courts Westlake hosted former Wisconsin Governor Martin J. Schreiber as he continued the most important campaign of his life – discussing the challenges of being an Alzheimer’s caregiver.

Like many thrown into the heartbreaking Alzheimer’s world, Schreiber knew little about the disease as he cared for his spouse of more than 60 years.

What Governor Schreiber found most disturbing was that even healthcare providers don’t know the degree to which Alzheimer’s impacts the person who lives with it and his or her family.

Schreiber shared what he has learned so others do not experience the learning curve he did. A free copy of Governor Schreiber’s book was given to all attendees.

Lisa Anthony, Manager of Care Transitions, Martin Schreiber, Laura Chernauskas, Memory Care Advisor, April Suva-Surovi, Senior Community Relations Specialist.

His mission, he said, is to “Help our loved ones achieve their best life possible and to find the care they need.”

After the seminar, Governor Schreiber included time for questions, answers and suggestions from other caregivers. He was also available to sign copies of his books

“It was an emotional as well as heartwarming evening with Martin Schreiber,” said Laura Chernauskas Memory Care Advisor.

“He explained that he was lucky to have loved two women: the Elaine he fell in love with in high school, with whom he eventually married and raised a family. He then learned to care for his Second Elaine who suffered from Alzheimer’s and couldn’t remember his or their children.

“At times, he touched the people who attended so deeply they had to leave the room in tears because someone really understood what they are going through, caregiving for their loved ones.

“He sprinkled humor as he reflected on what he wished he would have known. We were so fortunate to have had him speak and help the people in the community benefit from his experience and insights.”

Mr. Schreiber’s appearance took place the evening of May 17.

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