Bay Village Loses a Landmark: Bay Lanes to Close

Mark and his St. Raphael friends.

It was with surprise and sorrow that the community of Bay Village has learned it is losing a landmark – the iconic Bay Lanes.

Bay Lanes has been a central part of the community since 1948. Mark and Tina Nazario took it over 15 years ago and recently learned from landlord Goodman Real Estate that their agreement will end.

Mark and Tina’s last day of operation will be May 26.

What will follow? Reports say that the Bay Lanes location in Bay Square will become a golf simulator business.

The Nazarios are disappointed, but anyone who knows Mark knows he will talk himself up.

“We will just have to see what God has planned for us in this next chapter,” said Mark last Friday as the St. Raphael’s after-school group enjoyed their regularly scheduled afternoon.

In a letter to the community, the Nazrios are expressing only gratitude.

Dear Bay Lanes Customers and surrounding communities:

We wish to Thank you for your loyal patronage and support over the past 15 years. We are so grateful for having the opportunity to be the place you chose to celebrate your parties and events.

We will take with us so many great memories of all the birthday parties, corporate parties, church groups, family gatherings, bowling leagues, scout outings, special needs groups, and many more. It has truly been a blessing to be part of this community.

Bay Lanes has been an icon in Bay Village for the past 76 years. Times may come and go, but the lanes have always remained the same. Children call me “Mr. Bowling Man” or “Coach” and my leaguers will always remember to shout out, “Hey Mark, Redpin…I love Bay Lanes!” Thank you so much for all of the great memories.

Keep on Rolling! Mark & Tina Nazario

Katie Gerba, who runs the before/after care program for St. Raphael School, expresses the sentiments so many others in the community share about Mark and Tina.

“I have been bringing the Raiders Club to Bay Lanes as an activity for 19 years,” says Katie. “He opens early just for us to come and enjoy bowling. We would come every other Friday in the Fall and Spring ( as long as the weather would allow us since we walk from St. Raphael)

‘He is always friendly and good with the kids. Some kids who were in my program for years went on to do bowling in high school. I think their love of bowling started at Bay Lanes.

“My son was a retreat leader for St. Ignatius and he had to plan a fun activity to do with his group after their service project. He took them to Bay Lanes. Mark opened up especially for this retreat group and he gave them a great deal on the cost. Mark is a wonderful person and I will miss seeing him.”

It’s a feeling shared by so many in Bay Village who delighted in Bay Lanes social events and the uniquely personal touch of Mark and Tina. It will be missed.

Stay tuned for updates as Bay Lanes plans its dismantlement in the coming weeks.

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