Fairview Park

Fairview Park Police: Woman Runs Herself Over

A W. 210 St resident was injured on Feb. 23 when her leg was run over by her own car, report Fairview Park Police. She had left the car in neutral and exited the vehicle when it started to move backwards. She was behind the car and ran to try and stop it, but she apparently fell or got knocked ... Read More »

Fake Plates Front Westgate Shoplifting Caper

Fairview Park Police were called to Kohls at Westgate Shopping Center on a report of two female shoplifters fleeing in a vehicle after refusing to stop on Nov. 26 at 1644 hours.  Officers arrived and got a plate from the security officer. The officer viewed video surveillance and observed the thefts and  the suspects cutting tags off merchandise and then ... Read More »

Fairview Police Bust Theft Ring

Fairview Police were called to Kohl’s Department Store on November 16  on a report of a group of males stealing items and making fraudulent returns. As police were arriving, the suspects were leaving in a vehicle, which was subsequently stopped. Five occupants were detained, three arrested for attempting the fraudulent returns. The other two subjects had outstanding warrants from N ... Read More »

Delinquent Juvenile Arrested in Fairview

A Fairview Park police  officer observed a juvenile riding a bike in the 19700 block of Lorain Rd. While inhaling something from an aerosol can on Oct. 27. A stop was made of the 15 year old North Olmsted resident. A total of three aerosol cans were found on the youth and confiscated. He initially gave a false name to ... Read More »

Fairview Students Investigated for Stolen Property

Fairivew Park Police report that officers were sent to the high school on Oct. 17 on a report of possible stolen merchandise having been recovered by the principal. Information of the stolen property had been given to him a parent. Investigation revealed at least three 15 year old students were involved. Items would be stolen from local stores and offered ... Read More »

Fairview Park Police: He’ll Have to Deal with Mom

A young scooter thief will have to deal with mom, report Fairview Park Police. A Fairview Park youth left the Gemini Recreation Center on Oct. 9  and found his scooter missing from where he had left it. An officer reviewed surveillance video and was able to identify the juvenile who took it. Follow up resulted in the recovery and return ... Read More »

Fairview Park Blues: Drunk Steals Kid’s Birthday Money

Talk about your desperate acts! Fairview Park police were called to a Lorain Road apartment on September 30 because of an intoxicated person causing a problem. Upon arrival, officers were told that a male had taken approximately $30 which the caller was saving up for his son’s birthday present. Officers approached the male who was in a drunken stupor. The ... Read More »

Pregnant Woman’s Car Rammed on I-480

Fairview Park Police received numerous calls of a vehicle flipped over on I-480 west bound near the 8 mile marker on Sept. 15 at 2304 hours. Upon arrival police found a 2007 Toyota flipped on its roof, having slid over 500 feet. The driver was a pregnant 34 year old N Ridgeville woman who suffered non-incapacitating injuries in the collision. ... Read More »