North Olmsted

Westlake, North Olmsted Police Pinch the Grinch

Here’s a story about two guys who will probably make Santa’s ‘Bad’ list this holiday season. This Christmas Carol began when a Stonehedge Drive resident noticed the passenger of a black Cadillac 4-door steal a parcel off of a neighbor’s porch on Dec. 10 at 12:05 p.m. in Westlake. As Westlake Police responded to the scene, which is near the ... Read More »

North Olmsted Shoplifter Rings Ups 24 Cent Sale

A man was arrested at Home Depot in North Olmsted after he had rung up a 24-cent sale on top of allegedly pilfering a pile of tools. The man, report police, said he took the items for a job he was doing and couldn’t afford to pay for them. The case unfolded on 10/21/14 at approximately 1753 hrs. North Olmsted ... Read More »

Best of the Blues: This Week’s Top Police Stories

Here is the Best of the West Shore Police Blotter for the week. Man Kidnaps Himself for Ransom Money Talk about your low self esteem! Westlake Police were contacted last week about a man who faked his own kidnapping and then settled for a measly $310 in ransom money! Just who was this guy? Westlake Police report he is a ... Read More »

Heroin Drives Shoplifter to Crime

North Olmsted Police arrested a shoplifter last week who said his heroin habit drove drove him to crime. The scene unfolded on Tuesday, Sept. 23, at approximately 16:19 hours, when two North Olmsted patrolmen responded to the Home Depot located at Great Northern for a male shoplifter being detained. Dispatch informed that the male has several outstanding warrants for theft. ... Read More »

A Shoplifter’s Story: A Case of ‘Paying It Forward’ Gone Wrong!

A North Olmsted Shoplifter’s story offers a great message on how to ruin your life with one trip to Home Depot. You might call it a case of “‘Paying It Foward’ Gone Wrong! Here’s the storyline: On 09/15/14 at approximately 1612 hours, two North Olmsted Police Officers were dispatched to Home Depot, 26241 Brookpark Rd., in reference to a male ... Read More »