PPG Donates Functional Art to Every Child’s Playground in Avon

Eight donated pieces for Every Child’s Playground in Avon include upcycled benches, planters, and picnic tables made from retired wind turbine blades (photo – Mike Crissman)

Canvus, a manufacturer of products made from ​retired wind turbine blades, is excited to announce that PPG, a global leader in paints, coatings, and materials, has donated a new collection of functional art to the city of Avon, Ohio.

The installation, located at Every Child’s Playground (36265 Detroit Road in Avon), features eight one-of-a-kind pieces, including benches, planters, and picnic tables made from retired wind turbine blades and other recycled materials.

Each piece was handcrafted at Canvus’ 110,000 sq-ft manufacturing facility in Avon, Ohio. Two of the pieces were painted by local Cleveland artists Lisa Quine and Lacy Talley. Each product includes a QR code that people can scan to learn more about the Canvus product, why PPG donated them, and the latest information from the city of Avon.

The donation was made possible by PPG as part of Canvus World, a sponsor/donor program that connects communities, parks, and schools to a donor network committed to making a positive impact on public spaces.

“We are thankful to our wonderful partner PPG for making this donation a reality,” said Parker Kowalski, Managing Director of Brand for Canvus. “We are so pleased to be working with a company that shares in our mission of amplifying public spaces.

Every Child’s Playground is one of four spaces Avon has requested Canvus products for, providing a unique opportunity for local businesses that want to give back. The additional spaces include Canning Family K-9 Park, Northgate Park, and Eagle Pointe Park (view requested products).

“We are grateful to the City of Avon for welcoming Canvus to the community,” said Kowalski. “We hope the functional art at Every Child’s Playground brings comfort, joy, and inspiration to families for decades to come.”

About PPG

PPG is a global manufacturer of paints, coatings, and specialty materials and a Fortune 200 company with headquarters in Pittsburgh and operations in nearly 70 countries around the world. Learn more at ppg.com

About Canvus

Canvus is a manufacturer of products made from ​retired wind turbine blades​. We work with communities throughout the country to amplify their public spaces using our products, legacy/sponsor program, and digital platform. Learn about our mission at gocanvus.com.

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