St. John Medical Center Marks 30 Years

St. John Medical Center (SJMC) celebrated its 30th anniversary of service to the community on Tuesday, March 1.
The day was hallmarked by a visit from Sister Judith Ann Karam, CSA, President and CEO Sisters of Charity Health System, to bless the hands of the hospital senior leadership team and staff. “As we mark our 30th anniversary, St. John celebrate,” commented SJMC President Cliff Coker. “ We are coming off one of our finest years ever – with numerous recognitions for operational and clinical excellence, outstanding patient satisfaction scores, the introduction of a $100 million strategic plan, the startup of ‘our legacy of compassion lives’ image campaign, and a positive financial performance.”
Coker thanked employees and medical staff as SJMC has emerged as one of Northeast Ohio’s finest hospitals, and also achieved independent rankings as one of the best community hospitals in the country.
“Our accomplishments provide a rock-solid foundation as we begin a five-year strategic plan that includes facility growth, acquiring new technology, improving financial performance, enhancing quality and patient satisfaction, and expanding community benefits. It is a unique opportunity to build upon our strengths to better meet the needs of those we serve,” said Coker.
“At the end of the day, however, it is St. John Medical Center’s culture of service, caring and compassion that truly sets us apart. The news of our success is spreading, primarily through word of mouth by those who have received care here. As a result, our hospital is touching the lives of more individuals than ever. We are filled with optimism as we enter this new period in our history.”
The birthday celebration also included Birthday cake (courtesy of SJMC) and ice cream (courtesy of the Sisters of Charity Health System) and complimentary special gifts commemorating the event distributed to all staff.

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