7 Steps to Faith; A Message of Healing from Rev. Richard Roberts

A Message of Healing from Richard Roberts

Famed American evangelist Richard Roberts made a trip to Westlake two weeks ago and offered fascinating insight into Faith Healing.

“Sickness is your enemy. Sickness comes to steal, kill and destroy your life. It does not come from God,” he said at his healing services hosted at Church on the Rise July 31.

“It makes no sense for God to make you sick and then send Jesus to make you well. That would be a contradiction. Why would God the Father make you sick and then send God the Son to heal you,” he asked?

When it comes to Faith Healing, however, there is more to it than first meets the eye.

“Faith comes by hearing, by hearing the Word of God,” said the Tulsa-based President of Oral Roberts University , the namesake institution of his father so famous for his life as a healing minister.

How do you get faith?

“How do you drill oil?” responded Roberts. “ We have a lot of oil down where we live in Oklahoma. When you drill for oil, you put pressure on the oil which causes it to come to the top. When it comes to faith, this is the drill,” he said holding up his Bible. “It puts pressure on your faith.”

In other words – faith healing requires your faith as much as that of the healer who offers the healing.

“Believe and release your faith when you come for healing,” said Roberts. “A man once told me he had all the faith in the world. I said, ‘That’s your problem. Faith is not to be held on to. Faith is to be released.’”

Roberts then offered seven Rules of Faith and how to release it.

1: “Recognize that sickness and disease are the oppression of the devil,” he said, referencing the Old testament for back-up. “In Exodus 15:26, God says, ‘I am the Lord that healeth thee,” offered Roberts. “Get in your spirit that sickness and disease are the oppression of the devil.”

2: “Believe the Message.” In the Old Testament, King Namaan was a mighty man of valor, but also a leper. A commander in the army of the king of Syria, Namaan was captured with Israelites. A servant girl saw her master Namaan and prayed, ‘If only my master were with the prophet (Elisha) who is in Samaria! He would heal him of his leprosy. ‘
“Namaan believed the message. You believe the message,” encouraged Roberts. “There are a lot of messages going on today. Which are you going to believe? Are you going to believe CNN? Are you going to believe the Bible? Are you going to accept the status quo – that you are going to have to live this way all your life?
“So many of us Christians have been cafeteria-ized in the United States that we turn off messages because we don’t like the messenger. We don’t like them, the messengers, so we reject the message. But the message is more important than the messenger!
“Namaan believed the message from the young girl – that if only he were with the prophet Elisha he would be healed. He believed the message.”

3: “Go where the power is.” If you plug your cell phone into a dead outlet, it won’t charge up. But as soon as you switch to a working connection, bingo!
“Make sure you are hooked up to where the power is. Go where the power is,” said Roberts. “The servant girl told Namaan to go to Israel to the prophet Elisha. But where did Namaan go? To the King! He didn’t go the power source. The King got mad because he wasn’t God and couldn’t cure anything!
“When are we going to get it right? When are we going to go the right power source?” said Roberts of today’s world. “People are going everywhere. I am not criticizing them or criticizing anywhere they go. They just don’t have power! They may have some elements that have some good in them. But they are not based on the Word of God and God’s power. You have to go where the power is. Namaan went to the King and the King got upset. But when Elisha got word, he sent for Namaan and said, ‘Come to where the power is. Elisha sent for Namaan.”

4 – “Put your faith in God and not man….” Last week, Roberts was at the Dallas airport, headed up the ascending escalator while a woman headed down on the other side. “She saw me and said, ‘Pray for me, Brother Roberts.’” He scrambled for a chance to touch her as she slid by and told her to release her faith. “She said, ‘I felt the power of God! Hallelujah! I am healed!’ She put her faith in God and not me,” said Roberts.
Namaan, however, needed more than a touch. Elisha wouldn’t even see him when he finally got to Israel. He sent out a servant who asked Namaan to dip seven times in the muddy Jordan River. “But Namaan didn’t want a muddy bath. He did not want to dip seven times. It was below his dignity,” said Roberts. “
Elisha knew the arrogance and attitude of Namaan. And some of us today don’t have the right attitude. Some of us blame God, some of us blame other people. They never accept responsibility and say, ‘It’s me, and I need to make some changes. Namaan got on his horse and rode away!”
Kind of makes you wonder about those of us who won’t stop smoking, lose that weight, get that colonoscopy or listen to the doctor, doesn’t it?

5 – “Accept the correction of God”
As a boy, Richard Roberts always sat in the front row of Oral Roberts healing crusades. “I wanted to be in the middle of it. You never knew when a blind eye would be healed, or a cripple would walk,” he said. “One time there was a famous singer who had lost her voice. Everyone knew her and cheered when she walked up. But my father saw something in her. He asked her to walk up and down the aisle seven times. She got very offended by that and stormed off. I watched my father. He just nodded his head. There was something in her that kept her from the miracle she sought. Then, suddenly, there was a commotion! The woman had begun to walk back and forth down the aisle seven times! My dad came off the platform and laid hands on her. She let out a Holy Ghost holler and began to sing out at the top of her voice.,” said Roberts.“ Accept the correction of God and sit under a leader.
“As my mother used to say, ‘You need to get under a spout where the glory comes out.’” Said Roberts. “ Yes, Namaan stormed off on his horse. But one of his officers took a great risk and approached him, saying, ‘You are a great man, a great general, but you are a fool. You are sick, you’re gonna die! Don’t you think it’s better if you go back? So the man of God, Namaan, saw he needed a change of heart and he went back and dipped seven times in that muddy river. And each time he dipped into the water, something happened. He lost himself……..”

6 – “Lose yourself.”
“As Namaan dipped into the waters, he lost himself and he came into God,” said Roberts. “Some of you have things you need to let go, some of you need to forgive some people, some need an attitude adjustment, or to repent from things your involved in, or to lose your hold on something that is keeping you from your walk with God, keeping you from your healing, your deliverance. Release yourself. Let go. Most people do not want to let go. They want hold on to their biases. Just look at the troubles in the Middle East. Most of the problems today between the Israelites and Palestine is over a war they have been fighting thousands of years. Let it go. Lose yourself. Let it go.”

7 –“Get a point of contact to release your faith.” There was nothing special about the water where Namaan dipped. “It was just the old muddy river,” said Roberts. “But it became a point of contact. When Namaan touched that water, he let his faith go to receive a healing. “
Roberts has personal experience with healing. At 22 he was afflicted with skin lesions on his hand. “My dad came home and we prayed. ‘When I lay my hands on you, I want you to release your faith.’ he said. How do you release your faith? Through a point of contact. When I say ‘In Jesus name…’ release your faith.
“In the old testament, they said, ‘Thus Sayeth the Lord.’ Now, ‘In Jesus name’ is the new code word. Just take a look at a light switch. That is a point of contact. The light switch has no power. But it is hooked up to the electric company. When you flip the switch, the power comes on. When I say these words and touch you, let your faith go and you will touch God’s power company.
“When my dad got to the part where he said, ‘In Jesus name,’ I said, ‘Faith , get up there to God……..
“But I looked down at my hand and every wart was still there. Then my dad said something as important as anything I ever heard.
“He said, ‘We have prayed, we have believed. Now let us expect a miracle…..
“Sometimes, a healing comes immediately, sometimes over time. I don’t know why. I am not in management. I am in sales. All I know is that for 10 days, I woke and looked at my hands. On the 10th day, I woke up and they were clear.”

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