Westlake Police Report 3-23-12

DATE: 3-23-12


Early Weekly Blotter

Fr: Capt. Guy Turner

An intoxicated 22-year-old Bay Village man fled from the ER at St. John Medical Center on March
20 at 1:12AM. He was there for treatment of a chin injury. He was found on the hospital grounds and
arrested for DCI, whereupon he began kicking the rear window of the cruiser. He was hobbled and a
spit hood (allows a prisoner to breathe but not to spit on others) placed over his head. He was held until
sober at the City Jail.

A $750 set of golf clubs was taken from a Detroit Rd. man’s apartment complex garage between March
1-20. No suspects.

A woman walking her dog on Westchester Pkwy. was the victim of public indecency on March 20
at 1:14PM. The white male driver of a black boxy sedan was masturbating as he pulled to the curb
alongside her. A possible suspect has been identified. On March 22, a Lorain County woman reported
a public indecency by a middle-age male (no further description) in a brown sedan. The suspect pulled
alongside her car on Center Ridge Rd. back on March 16 and honked his horn; when she looked over,
the suspect was masturbating. Investigations of both incidents continue.

A $450 red Schwinn woman’s mountain bike was stolen from an open Bay Landings garage between
1:30PM-5:30PM on March 20. No suspects.

A former friend of a First St. resident is suspected of stealing a $200 bicycle, $250 pair of tennis shoes,
and $150 IPod between November 2011 and March 2012. The 18-year-old suspect had been staying
with the victim due to being homeless. The prosecutor will rule on possible theft charges. The suspect
is now in the Lorain Co. Jail on unrelated matters; it is noted that the shoes in his property there are
a “beat-up pair of Adidas”.

3 18-year-old men (2 from Westlake, 1 from Strongsville) exploded 2-liter pop bottle bombs on March
20 at 11:01PM in the Southbridge and Brewster Drs. intersection and in a Dover Center Rd. church
parking lot. A Harding Dr. resident found her mailbox was damaged by such a device at 12:30PM
the next day. All 3 were arrested and face Criminal Damaging, Possession of Criminal Tools, and
Attempted Possession of Dangerous Ordnance charges.

An employee’s $200 cellphone was stolen on March 13 from a Center Ridge Rd. saloon. On March 21,

the business owner found that a suspect (black male wearing a grey hoodie and a dark-colored baseball
cap with an unknown logo on front, approx. 5’8, bald, heavier, no facial hair) was recorded on the firm’s
surveillance system. He had entered the business through the rear door. The suspect was driving a late
model silver sedan.

On March 22, a 24-year-old Westlake woman reported trouble with a former boyfriend (29-year-
old Macedonia man). Since their February 14 break-up, her car has had a vulgarity scratched into the
hood of her car ($511 to repair), a number of unwanted text messages sent to her, as well as her home
entered by unknown means and her coat and purse taken. The suspect was contacted, but refused to be
interviewed. The investigation continues.

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