Register Now for Fall… Kiddie Kollege Expands to Bayway Cabin

Register Now for Fall…
Kiddie Kollege Expands to Bayway Cabin

There will be new life for an old friend in Bay Village this school year.
Bayway Cabin, the traditional social spot for kids located in Cahoon Park that dates back to the 1960’s, will soon be home to the Kiddie Kollege Kids Club on the Lake.
The Kiddie Kollege-Bayway Cabin collaboration promises excellence at an exceptional value in child care for the community.
“This project fulfills a need in our community for additional child care,” says Mayor Debbie Sutherland. “It helps one of our local businesses to expand, it puts a building back into use, and also creates a revenue stream.”
A Best of the West winner for six straight years in the category of best private preschool, JoAnn Moell’s Kiddie Kollege locales in six west shore communities are the leader in day care and child care. Kiddie Kollege is also a Best of Lorain County winner for 2010 & 2011, and a 2012 finalist. Moell started this recognized family of day care centers back in 1975 in a Westlake church.
The unique idea of adding a second location in Bay Village brings back into play Bayway Cabin in a way that connects with many residents’ youthful memories.
It had been a city-run community Youth Center for the past several years, but the city discontinued the building’s use because of budget cuts.
Bay’s Cahoon Park Trustees and City Council approved a plan allowing Kiddie Kollege daycare
center to operate a latchkey program at Bayway Cabin last spring.
Upgrades and improvements have since been made, and the grand opening will take place early August, in plenty of time for the new school year. Kiddie Kollege will pay both rent and property taxes under this win-win agreement with city.
The location of the Day Care Center in Cahoon Park will bring added amenities to the program offerings. Use of Bay Village’s ball fields, tennis courts and pool will be part of the program. The Day Care Center will embrace the philosophies that have made Moell’s schools successful in all Kiddie Kollege locations.
“Kiddie Kollege’s goal for the child is to provide opportunities for being with other children in a setting conducive to the development of wholesome social relationships. We provide appropriate play experiences that contribute to the developmental needs of the child. We provide children with an environment which is responsive to their developmental levels and abilities and supports their continued growth,” said Moell.
Register now for fall placement. Please phone (440) 871-0877. Space is limited.

Bay is Nationally Rated

For the second time in two months, Bay Village has received recognition for community excellence by a major magazine.
“We did it again!” was Mayor Debbie Sutherand’s reaction to news that the August issue of Family Circle Magazine declares Bay Village as one of the Top 10 Best Towns for Families nationally.
The designation comes just a month after Cleveland Magazine’s rating of Bay Village as the Cleveland area’s top suburb.
“Bay Village is our No. 1 suburb this year, thanks to its strong schools, low crime and stable, growing home-sale values,” says the Cleveland Mag story.
“We’re seeing a big influx of new and young families moving into Bay Village,” says Mayor Deborah Sutherland. “You can get a two-or three-bedroom bungalow for $120,000, or a house for several million, or everything in between.”