Westlake Police Report 8-31-2012

Date: 8-31-12

Media Release

Weekly Blotter

Fr: Capt. Guy Turner

2 tires with a total value of $200 were stolen from Pat O’Brien Chevrolet on the night of August 23. An
employee is suspected of involvement; the investigation continues.

Credit and debit cards were taken from the lockers of four St. John Medical Center on August 24. Some
were used at stores in Elyria and Avon; others were not used or were declined by the various merchants.
The investigation continues.

On August 24, two groups of males (ages 15-21) from Westlake, North Olmsted, Strongsville, Hinckley,
and Cleveland tried twice to arrange a fight between an 18-year-old Westlake man and a 17-year-old
Westlake boy to settle their differences over a girl’s affections. The first occurred at 8:48PM on Royal
Forest Dr. and was broken up by WPD. The second was on Bassett Rd. at 10:23PM and was also broken
up. The City Prosecutor will review the report for possible Menacing charges.

A Westford Cr. woman reported what she previously thought was her imagination on August 25 at
7:58AM. At 1AM, she thought she heard noises on her balcony but dismissed them. When she woke up
later, she found her screen door off the track. No entry was made into the apartment.

A 26-year-old Broadview Hts. Woman drove westbound in the eastbound lanes of I90 on August 26
at 2:34AM, even though she knew it was the wrong way. Why? Because her GPS told her to. She was
arrested for OVI, BAC (.111 breath test), willful and wanton disregard for safety, seatbelt required, and
open container (can of beer). She was stopped near the Columbia Rd. overpass. She also complained
that WPD should be arresting drunks that are worse than her. That’s quite a high bar (very punny) for
HER to set.

Unknown suspect(s) tried unsuccessfully to steal a Clemens Rd. company’s 1994 Ford truck between
August 24 and the morning of August 27. The passenger window was broken and the ignition damaged.
10 metal plates stored outside (value $2000) the building were stolen.

A 22-year-old Westlake man with an active WPD warrant for a June 2012 OVI doubled down on his
troubles on August 28 at 2:35AM. He was signaled to stop for driving w/o headlights on Detroit Rd.;
instead, he turned down Bassett Rd. and into a driveway, where he hit a parked RV and then ran off.
He was tasered after refusing to take his hands out of his pockets and submit to arrest. He was checked
out at St. John Medical Center and released. He faces OVI, BAC (.260 breath test), headlights required,
improper right turn, NOL, hit-skip, resisting arrest, and open container charges. He is also in the country
illegally; ICE was notified.

George Benson had a Top 10 hit in 1976 with “This Masquerade”. As good a song as it is, it is not
a guide to getting out of traffic citations. A 21-year-old North Olmsted man learned this when he
pretended to be his older brother on August 28 at 10:42PM. He was stopped for an improper turn
on Porter Rd. and does not have a driver’s license. He was arrested for Operators License Required,
improper turn, 2 headlights required, misidentification, and falsification (he signed a warning notice
with his brother’s name).

A parking dispute led to a big dent in the driver’s door of a Remington Dr. woman’s 2008 Honda Civic.
Due to parking lot work, she left it in front of a neighbor’s garage door on August 28 at 10:30PM, then
heard cursing and a bang 15 minutes later. She believes the neighbor kicked her car; the investigation

A $125 boys bike was stolen from a Glenmore Dr. home on the night of August 28. In an all-too-
rare happy ending to such thefts, it was found a block over in a Northglen Dr. yard on August 29 and
returned to the owner.

An 18-year-old Hedgewood Ave. man was arrested for DCI, Underage Consumption, Criminal
Trespassing, Obstructing Official Business, and Domestic Violence on August 29 after a 4:36PM
incident at his home. His 54-year-old father had confronted him about the son’s underage drinking and
they struggled over the family car keys. The suspect fled the home on foot, but a bystander pointed him
out to responding officers (he was distinctive to the witness due to his pants nearly falling off). The
suspect ran into a nearby backyard and tried to enter the home before being subdued.

Another domestic took place on August 29 at the Kilgour Dr. home of a 47-year-old woman. Her 51-
year-old ex-husband (Westlake man) came to the house, where they argued over childcare. Witnesses
reported that the male pushed the female down the front steps, and then drove off. The victim sustained
scrape injuries; the suspect was stopped at Bradley-Detroit Rds. and was arrested for Domestic

A 19-year-old North Olmsted man was clocked at 101mph on I90westbound near Cahoon Rd. at
9:18PM on August 29. He was in a hurry to comfort his girlfriend, who was hospitalized at Fairview
General; when asked why he was westbound when the hospital is east, he replied that he overshot the
exit. (At triple digit speeds, I’ll bet he did.) Marijuana was also found on his person and in the vehicle’s
center console; he was cited for Possession of Marijuana as well as speed.

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