Bay Students Win Arts Awards

Bay Students Win Arts Awards
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Bay Village City School District students garnered eight first-place Gold Key awards, 13 second-place Silver Key awards, and 24 Honorable Mention awards from a field of nearly 1,700 entries in this year’s Cuyahoga County Regional Scholastic Arts competition. Gold Key winners will be judged at the national-level competition in New York City this spring.

Gold Key winners were Bay High seniors Katie Allen (sculpture, “The Burdens We Carry”), Joseph Strunk (sculpture, “Skater’s Self Portrait”), and Francesca Zappala (painting, “Toaster”); freshman Jaccob Sooy (photography, “Extraterrestrial Landing”); Bay Middle School eighth-graders Rose Mlaker (ceramics/glass, “Pressed And Sprigged Pot”), Meredin Oster (painting, “Reflections”), Sarah Stockton (painting, “9 Lives”); and seventh-grader Thomas Koss (painting, “Intensity”).

Silver Key winners were seniors Stephanie Killian (painting, “Frozen Moment”) and Stephanie Sheppa (photography, “Girl Fox”); junior Hanna Heberlein (painting, “Pomeroy”); sophomore Payton Lake (painting, “Moving Forward”); freshmen Paulina Blaha (sculpture, “Pink Pearl”), Emma Chalk (science fiction/fantasy writing, “The Color Of Silence”), Abby Christel (ceramics/glass, “Blossom”), Charles Neroni (photography, “Contrast”); eighth-graders Mia Russell (sculpture, “Bird Temple”) and Nick Seicean (drawing, “Nested Bird”); and seventh-graders Stephanie Mahon (ceramics/glass, “Tea With Dale Chihuly”), Delaney McDonald (ceramics/glass, “Heralding the Art of Keith Harring”) and Analiese Seicean (drawing, “Egyptian Expedition”).

Honorable Mention awards went to seniors Stephanie Killian (painting, “House”), Alissa Kolke (painting, “Priorities”), Katelyn Ramella (painting, “I Da Know”), Cameron Meakin (digital art, “Cthulhu”), Colleen Rodman (painting, “Kl”), Megan See (mixed media, “Shrine To The Heart”), Joseph Strunk (sculpture, “Mobius), Lizzie Tomcho (sculpture, “I Am In Here”), Francesca Zappala (painting, “Oberlin”), Kristen Zeuch (paintings, “Working Spirit” and “I Need Space”); juniors Bridget Durham (painting, “Puppies”) and Kloe Reddy (paintings “Biggie” and “The Valley”); sophomores Katherine Kunze (sculpture, “Soapstone Dog”) and Madeline Moriarty (painting, “Ferris Wheel”); freshmen Joe DeBarr (photography, “The Other Side”), Lydia Barnes (sculpture, “Puffer Fish”), Andrea Bliumentalis (photography, “Floating Along”), Delaney Bly (photography, “Child’s Play”); eighth-graders Alexandra Hoffman (painting, “Man’s Best Friend”), Lila Robinson (mixed media, “Fragile Beauty”), Mia Russell (mixed media, “Tropical”) and Milana Scarlato (ceramics/glass, “Tranquility”).

Students completed their winning art during the last school year; freshmen completed their work while at BayMiddle School. Bay Village Schools art instructors are Cherie Bauer, Denise Ross and Tom Schemrich (Bay High); Greg Leininger and Gloria Wilder (Bay Middle School); Debbie Sanson (Westerly Elementary); and Jama Jennings (Normandy Elementary).