Mercy Rehab Services Open House

Mercy Rehabilitation Services will be hosting an open house
event at their new location in the Mercy Health and Recreation Center in
the Amherst Metro Parks reservation. The open house will take place on
February 16 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The open house will feature free therapy
and development screenings performed by the Mercy Rehabilitation Services

The results of these screenings will help individuals determine if Mercy
Rehabilitative Services are needed.  Physical and occupational therapy
services might be able to help restore movement and functional ability lost
due to aging, injury, disease or environmental factors. Speech therapy
screenings will help to determine whether your young child is at an age
appropriate level for their speech and language skills by looking at how
they say their sounds and how they are able to follow directions and talk
to those around them. The tests being offered are simple; participants will
be asked to perform basic movements under the careful observation of
trained therapists. The screenings being offered at the open house include:

Upper and lower body range of motion & flexibility testing:  The importance
of maintaining the full range of each joint is desirable for optimal
physical function.  Range of motion is determined by joint flexibility;
risk of injury is greater when joint flexibility is extremely low. If you
suffer from joint pain, arthritis, or nerve pain, this screening will
identify ways in which therapy may restore mobility.

Structural balance testing:  Throughout your life, muscle imbalances will
naturally develop from tightness, old injuries and repetitive patterns,
such as typing.  These imbalances may lead to unhealthy postures or
difficulty walking, increasing the risk of injury. Structural balance
testing can identify these problematic areas. If you have had recent falls
or “almost falls”, periods of dizziness or back pain, then you may benefit
from this screening.

Functional tests (sit to stand test, arm curl test, grip test, and balance
testing):  These tests help identify strength, flexibility, and balance
deficits that could be addressed by Mercy’s Rehabilitative Services. If you
feel generally weak, unsteady or that one side of your body is weaker than
the other, you should consider participating in this screening.

Pediatric Speech Screening:  This screening will help to identify errors in
speech sounds, difficulty in following age appropriate directions,
development of vocabulary skills, and a child’s ability to clearly
communicate and express their wants and needs. This five to 10 minute
screening will be completed in a private therapy room where the child will
look at pictures, answer questions and play with toys. Parental/custodial
consent is required before a child may participate in a pediatric speech

The treatments offered by Mercy Rehabilitation Services at the new facility
in Amherst include:

·  Physical, occupational and speech therapy
·  Pediatric rehabilitation
·  Cancer rehabilitation
·  Sports medicine
·  Women’s health
·  Aquatic therapy


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