Bay Schools/Police to Hold Crisis Training

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The Bay Village Police Department and the Bay Village School District will be conducting crisis response training at Bay High School on Thursday, March 7.

The training will involve lockdown drills, building evacuations, and a variety of “active shooter” engagement scenarios.

“We want members of the public to be aware that this training is taking place on March 7,” said Bay Village Detective Lieutenant Mark A. Spaetzel. “We don’t want people witnessing the police activity at the high school to be needlessly alarmed.”

The training takes place during a staff professional development day in which students will not be in school. Bay Village High School staff and a limited number of selected students will directly participate with the Bay Village Police.

No observers outside of staff, student and police participants, and no photography of any kind, will be permitted during the training exercise due to security reasons.

The goal of the training is to further prepare police and school personnel to respond to a crisis. The training is part of the ongoing effort between the City of Bay Village and the Bay Village School District to provide the safest schools possible.

Bay High principal Jason Martin has spoken with administrators at Chardon High School who cited similar training exercises as part of the reason staff and students reacted quickly when faced with an active shooter there last year.

“Chardon school officials are convinced injuries would have been greater in number had they not done the training beforehand,” Martin said. “We decided to start with a small number of students to see how it goes. We will consider having the training while school is in session in the future based on what we learn this time around.”

All school building administrators in the Bay Village City School District have been meeting and working with the Bay Village Police Department in evaluating school safety plans. Police officers have also attended school staff meetings to discuss safety issues.


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