Bay Middle Schooler is Power of the Pen Winner


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Congratulations to Bay Middle School seventh-grader Chloe Roberts, who won the First ChloeRobertsPlace trophy for her grade level at the recent Regional Power of the Pen competition. Bay Middle School won third place overall for the Sweepstakes Trophy, indicating high marks throughout the competition for both the 7th and 8th grade teams. Other individuals recognized at their grade level include 7th-grader Jessica Rychel (12th place) and 8th-grader Lauren Sheil (15th place). Seventh-grade team members were Grace Beam, Carly Goebel, Chloe Roberts, and Jessica Rychel; eighth-grade team members were Lauren Sheil, Sarah Brumagin, Phil Lally, Laura Colagiovanni, and Jessica Perri. Eighth-grader Olivia Risch volunteered as a runner. Teacher Helen Lanning is the advisor.

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