Westlake Police Blotter April 22

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The taillight covers were taken off of a 2012 Dodge pickup parked at a Clemens Rd. business between April 12-15. An employee reported that similar thefts have taken place at three of their other locations as well. No suspects.

 Tools valued at $3800 were stolen from a Detroit Rd. construction site between April 13-15. A storage box was forced open and wire, drills, a saw, and extension cords were taken. No suspects.

 A NJ company is out $13,000 after wiring that amount to a Westlake aircraft charter firm on March 7 for a March 10 flight. The charter firm was unable to perform the flight and so promised a refund, which has not been forthcoming after a month of letters, calls, and emails from the victim. The investigation continues.

 A Center Ridge Rd. school employee found that the building had not been cleaned by the contract cleaner on the morning of April 16. The same employee then received a phone call from a check-cashing firm about a suspicious transaction. The employee found that two checks were stolen from a desk; one had been forged and cashed that morning. The investigation continues.

 A Westlake man’s $299 cell phone was taken from the bleachers at the Rec. Center on April 16 between 5:10-5:20PM. No suspects.

 A dissatisfied female customer pitched a fit at the Post Office on April 16 at 6:13PM. When she found that the envelope she needed was out of stock, she took mailing products off the shelf and threw them around; she also damaged display fixtures. A witness obtained the license plate of the vehicle she left in. Investigation revealed the suspect to be a 45-year-old Sheffield Lake woman. She claimed that she did not damage anything and had simply moved mailers around looking for the ones she wanted. She will receive a summons for Disorderly Conduct.

 The Mayor and Town Clerk of our sister city Tralee Ireland visited WPD on the morning of April 18. They were given a whirlwind tour of the police radio room, detective bureau, jail, and were permitted to fire a few rounds from our standard sidearm on the police shooting range. They were then transported by fire engine to Fire Station #1 for an inspection of those facilities. Cead mile failte!

 A Radcliffe Dr. woman’s 2006 Nissan Quest had the driver’s window broken out on the night of April 17. 5 empty CD “jewel boxes” were taken. It had been parked in the driveway; no suspects.

 On April 18 at 11:40AM, the operator of a rented Chevrolet Cruz was observed speeding, tailgating, and changing lanes abruptly and without signaling on I90 eastbound. An officer signaled him to stop, but the driver fled instead. Rocky River PD threw down stop sticks, but the suspect avoided them. The pursuit was called off as the suspect entered the Innerbelt; an investigation into who rented and/or was driving the car continues.

 While an employee of a Detroit business was at lunch on April 19 between 11:45AM-12:45PM, his $1300 laptop computer was taken off his desk. He has a tracking app on it, but the computer has not been turned on. No suspects.

 An attempt was made to steal a Cleveland man’s 2001 Chrysler minivan between 9:30PM-midnight on April 19 while it was parked at his employer’s firm on First St. The passenger door lock was punched and the column peeled. No suspects.


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