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White House Engineering, Science and Technology Fair - Theodore Poulos 4-22-13

WHS Theodore Poulos had a seat on stage when the President made his official remarks at the White House Science Fair. Teddy. He’s in the first row, far right, wearing glasses.


WHS seniors Jacob Hoffman, Jacob Lemanowicz and Theodore Poulos were invited to take part in the 3rd Annual White House Science Fair on Monday, April 22, to show off their grand prize model home design from the 16th annual Student Model Home Design Contest.

Their design was chosen from among the top STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) examples in the country. This year’s Science Fair showcases student projects including economically-viable algae biofuel, a robot that paints with watercolor, a computer program that improves cancer detection and more. Senior White House administration officials and leading STEM advocates and educators will attend the White House Science Fair to meet the students.

President Obama will tour the Science Fair and is expected to make remarks at 2:25pm. Live streaming and video will begin at 11:30am.

The Westlake team – who are all students in Scott Kutz’s WHS Design Squad class – took first place and the overall grand prize, along with Best 3D/CAD drawings and the Architectural Award of Merit in the Student Model Home Design Contest. This year’s theme was “Great Spaces in Different Places – A Mixed Use Space To Live and Work.”

The Science Fair will feature 60 to 70 students with their 30 to 40 projects. The first White House Science Fair was held in late 2010, fulfilling a commitment President Obama made at the start of his Educate to Innovate campaign to inspire students to excel in math and science. The idea behind the Science Fair is to celebrate the winners of science, robotics and technology competitions the way the country celebrates the winners of the Super Bowl and the World Series.

For a video announcing the White House Science Fair visit www.whitehouse.gov/sciencefair and www.whitehouse.gov/live.

Live streaming and video will begin at 11:30am at http://wh.gov/live.

Use #WHScienceFair for all tweets related to the White House Science Fair.

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