2012-2013 Bay Village PTA Reflections Awards

Theme: The Magic of a Moment

Presented April 28, 2013

Primary: Preschool – Grade 2                  Intermediate: Grades 3-5

Middle School:  Grades 6-8                                    High School: Grades 9-12

(grade listed in parenthesis after student name)

* Artwork submitted to Ohio PTA Competition – Participant Ribbon Awarded

**  On display at the Columbus Library until the Fall

Primary Literature

Third Place                              Iain Ray (2)                           Calvin, Iain and Hobbes

Second Place                            Evelyn Ray (1)                        Lost My Tooth and Found a Surprise

*First Place                 Adam Tenerowicz (2)  A Magicel day

Award of Honorable Mention at State Competition**

Primary Photography

Second Place                            Emilia Gulley          (2)           Girl’s Best Friend

*First Place                 Sophie Thomas (1)              Glitter Magic

Award of Outstanding Achievement at State Competition**

Primary Visual Arts

*Honorable Mention Ella Tenerowicz (2)   Seeing a Shooting Star

Third Place                              Kai Louis (K)          The Sea Monsters

Second Place                            Annie Davenport (2)   The Passionate Skier

*First Place                 Sophie Thomas (1)              The Fairy

Intermediate Dance Choreography

*First Place                 Sydney Geise (3)                 Magic Carpet Ride

Intermediate Literature

Honorable Mention   Kendall Thomas (4)  Irish Dancer

Third Place                              Juliana Reising (5)  The Power of Love

Second Place                            Jennifer Hanslik (5)   The Magical Moment Shot

*First Place                 Katie Knight (5)                  One Mile of Determination

Intermediate Music Composition

*First Place                 Sarah Sutherland (5)   Secret of the Wings

Intermediate Photography

Honorable Mention   Samantha Gulley (4) Getting Better

Third Place                              Alexandra Jensen (4)  Shadow

Second Place                            Samantha Gulley (4)   Friends

*First Place                 Lauren McCarty (3)           The Magic of Fall

Intermediate Visual Arts

Honorable Mention   Phoebe Peet (3)                     Sunset Over the Waves

Third Place                              Mia Mager (4)                        A “Fairy” Magical Moment

Second Place                            Kate Davenport (3)                The Gift of Friends

*First Place                 Grace Chilton (5)               Letting Go


Middle School Dance Choreography

*First Place                 Mary Geise (6)                                   Hall of Fame

Award of Excellence at State Competition – Submitted to Nationals

Middle School Literature

Honorable Mention   Lauren Jensen       (6)          Big Changes from Small Things

Third Place                              Maggie Allan (6)                     INTRODUCING….The Stars!

*Second Place                          Jessica Sobczak (6)                 Magic Night Haiku

*First Place                 Anne Beckwith (6)              The Flower of Fire

Middle School Music Composition

*First Place                 Lauren Jensen                     (6)          Floating

Middle School Photography

Honorable Mention   Zoe Miller (8)                        Sparkler

Third Place                              Philip Lally (8)                        Make a Wish

Second Place                            Truman Ospelt (7)                  The Day He Came

*First Place                 Lauren Jensen                     (6)          Monday Morning

Middle School Visual Arts

Honorable Mention   Morgan Shenk       (7)           Sunset Pony

*Third Place                            Katie Knight (5)      One Mile of Determination

*Second Place                          Rose Mlakar (8)                      Muir Woods

*First Place                              Madison Noren (8) Stars

High School Film Production

*First Place                 Mackenzie Pippin (10)        My Story

High School Literature

Honorable Mention   Thomas Shelton (11) Tiptoeing in the Dark

Third Place                              Thomas Shelton (11)  A Memory

*Second Place                          Paige Carter (11)                   Close your Eyes

*First Place                 Maria Lally (10)                 At This Moment…

High School Photography

Honorable Mention   Sarah White (12)                   Looking to capture Magic

*Third Place                            Grace Veres (11)                    highlights

*Second Place                          Rachael Williams (10)            The Ripple Effect

*First Place                 Gretchen Craig (12)           Magic of the Moment

High School Visual Arts

Third Place                              Schyler Bennett (10)   All I Want for Christmas is You.

*Second Place                          Hannah Chambers (11)          Island

*First Place                 Masie Kuh (10)                   The Little Things

Award of Honorable Mention at State Competition**

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