Dog Takes Car for Ride in Westlake

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Chauncey the dog took his master’s 1997 Mercury 4door for a short joyride on Aug. 6 at 10:10AM. The car was parked (running and unoccupied by humans) at a Detroit Rd. gas station when the cruising canine knocked the shifter into reverse. The vehicle backed out of the station southbound, missing the pumps and parked cars, described a u-turn in traffic, struck a street sign on the north side of the roadway, and came to rest on a stump. No word on whether Chauncey went back to the house to eat anyone’s homework.

 A $1200 mountain bike was reported stolen from a Center Ridge Rd. man’s apartment laundry building between Aug.1-4. Interestingly, it was recovered on July 21 on Canterbury Rd. It was returned to him with a caution to lock it to something.

 A Gershwin Dr. resident returned on Aug. 6 from a week’s vacation to find burned paper towels on their front stoop. No damage was done and no suspects.

 A 20-year-old Rocky River man was on his muscle Aug. 6 at 8:52AM. He was arrested after he barged in without paying and then threatened other patrons of a Market St. gym with bodily harm. He had also been removed from another Westshore gym the previous day; the Westlake incident earned him 2 counts of Aggravated Menacing and one count of Trespass.

 An Elyria woman reported June misuses of her credit and debit cards on Aug. 6. Charges totaling $35 were made in Cleveland at a gas station. She suspects a co-worker at her Westlake job.

 The air was let out of a tire of Regal Cinema’s employee’s Hyundai Tiburon on the evening of Aug. 2. It was reinflated and no damage was found. She suspects employees of another business.

 An Elyria man’s watch and wallet were taken from his locked locker at Red Fitness on Columbia Rd. on Aug. 8 between 11:10AM and 12:05PM. His credit cards were cancelled before they could be illicitly used. Other patrons reported suspicious behavior by the following suspect: Hispanic male 5’6″ tall about 200 Lbs, stocky build wearing a Blue ball cap, bald or very short hair, wearing dark clothing and a backpack. This suspect hung around the locker room for apprx. 30mins. and never entered the workout area.

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