Westlake in Bloom winners 2013

Apartment or Condominium Complex

First Place:                             Bay Landing Condominiums

Second Place:            Remington Apartments

Third Place:                             Barrington Place Apartments

Honorable Mention:                Lenox Greens

Honorable Mention:                Compton Court – King James

Honorable Mention:                Wyndgate Club

Honorable Mention:                Sturbridge Square Apartments

Honorable Mention:                Hunter’s Chase

Honorable Mention:                Crossings Village


First Place:                             Applied Home Healthcare/Superflash

Second Place:            The Ironwood Cafe


Second Place:                        Westlake United Methodist Church

Honorable Mention:                Church of the Redeemer

Honorable Mention:                St. Ladislas Church

Evergreen Cemetery Fence Gardens

Best Focal Point:                    The Eberling Family

Best Use of Color/Texture/

Materials                     In Memory of Stanley and Dixie Dean

Most Creative:                        In Memory of Norma and Bill Jonas

Greatest Visual Impact: The Coe, Barry, Ward and Hall Families

Garden with Pond or Water Feature

First Place:                              1421 East Melrose Drive, Gary and Lynn Eckert

First Place:                              1970 Dover Center Road, Ted and Dawn Spence

Second Place:                        30849 Falkirk Drive, David and Pam Stepnick

Third Place:                            30976 Pebble Beach Oval, Kris and Barbara Brown

Hilliard Boulevard Flower Box

Best of the Boxes:                  Kingsville/Westlake Sister Cities

Best Focal Point:                     The Witouski Family

Best Use of Color/Texture/

Materials:                    Constructability, Inc.

Most Creative:                        No winner

Greatest Visual Impact: The Madden Family

Honorable Mention:                Westlake Garden Club

Honorable Mention:                The Kraus Family

Honorable Mention:                The Aylward Family


No Entries

Nursing Home, Assisted/Independent Living

First Place:                              Rae-Ann Suburban

Second Place:                        The Belvedere of Westlake

Third Place:                             Rae-Ann Westlake

Patio Garden ~ Multi-family

First Place:                             3063 Bay Landing Drive, Sharon Huelsman

Second Place:                        1496 Westford Circle #106, Mary Beth Cappell-Bovee

Third Place:                             1568 Cedarwood “A”, Marianne Petro

Honorable Mention:                2917 North Bay Dr., M-12, Carol J. Kreiger

Honorable Mention:                29872 Center Ridge Road, Joyce Ware

Honorable Mention:                2454 Crimson Drive, Janet Eckert

Patio Garden ~ Single family

Second Place:                        1991 Clarendon Court  , Dan and Salena Zanotti

Third Place:                             29129 King Arthur Court, Nazima Khan

Third Place:                            3341 Bradley Road, Holly Kaye Tomkalski

Rain Garden

          No winners

Shade Garden

First Place:                             3045 Oakwood Lane, Laurie and Ken Krauss

Second Place:                        23356 Westwood Road, Cindy Mulligan

Third Place:                             30047 Persimmon Drive, Dr. Wolfgang and Ina Mueller

Vegetable Garden

First Place:                              1999 Dover Center Road, Michael and Lynne Hannibal

First Place:                              25375 Hilliard Blvd., Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Roth

Second Place:                        25442 Hall Drive, Evy and Greg Tidwell

Third Place:                             1683 Bradley Road, Inge, Mike and Mykey Moorman

Honorable Mention:                2750 Canterbury Road, Judy Beveridge

Honorable Mention:                2105 Bassett Road, Brian J. Anstead

Honorable Mention:                27633 Bassett Road, Cadette Girl Scout Troop 71047

Honorable Mention:                29501 Schwartz Road, Rebecca Spilak Salamon

Window Boxes

First Place:                              24989 Hall Drive, Rita Briggs

Second Place:                        2571 Glenmore Drive, Scott and Kathy Schmidt

Third Place:                             1230 Queen Anne’s Gate, Todd and Brandy Dawson

Residential Landscaping ~ Small – Entire Yard

First Place:                             30913 Walden Drive, #37, John and Gerry Palamar

Second Place:            3757 Camden Court, Dave Clements/Jerry Devis

Third Place:                             25749 Chaucer Drive, Al and Jean Sabo

Honorable Mention:                23549 Concord Drive, Raymond and Gail Salco

Residential Landscaping – Small – Front Yard Only

          First Place:                             1874 Settlers Reserve Way, The Bedell Family

Honorable Mention:                31058 Durham Drive, Mary Kim Elkins

Residential Landscaping ~ Medium – Entire Yard

First Place:                              1803 Donna Drive, George and Diane Woyansky

Second Place:                        1820 Kathryn Drive, Roger and Ruth Williams

Third Place:                             3640 Parson’s Pond, JoDee and Denny Dreher

Honorable Mention:                30189 Adams Lane, Claudia Milano

Honorable Mention:                1400 Prince Charles Avenue, The Presley Family

Honorable Mention:                27347 Georgetown Drive, Vincent Marquard

Honorable Mention:                29903 Center Ridge Road, Bob and Tracey Cox

Honorable Mention:                1811 Coe’s Post Run, Susan Mulhern

Honorable Mention:                2250 Elmwood Drive, Mary Kay and Marty Kelly

Residential Landscaping – Medium – Front Yard Only

First Place:                              30952 Prestwick Crossing, Dorothy Beyer

Second Place:                        2391 Carousel Court, Sandra Freedman

Honorable Mention:                1725 Sperry’s Forge Trail, Dan and Colleen Leitch

Residential Landscaping – Medium – Rear Yard Only

First Place:                              2219 Silveridge Trail, Sofia Souris

Second Place:                        26945 Sleepy Hollow Drive, Lan Le and Binh V. To

Third Place:                             2401 Chapparal South, Rod and Jeanne Hill

Honorable Mention:                1880 Hunters Point Lane, Laurie and Keith Masters

Honorable Mention:                2771 Southwood Drive, Kevin and Deb Dougherty

Honorable Mention:                3685 Dover Center Road, Gail Salco

Honorable Mention:                4462 Prestwick Crossing, Steve and Mari-beth Famiano

Residential Landscaping ~ Large – Entire Yard

First Place:                              24502 Westwood Road, E. Donald and Janice Bain

First Place:                              3566 Dover Center Road, Greg Kolarik/Thomas Coletto

Second Place:                        2004 Dover Center Road, Al and Sally Strauss

Honorable Mention:                2363 Columbia Road, Dale and Kathy Gyor

Residential Landscaping – Large – Front Yard Only

First Place:                              1903 Clague Road, Michael and Jeanette Boukzam

Second Place:                        3961 Bradley Road, Leslie Dus/Deborah Riggs

Third Place:                             2318 Bassett Road, Hans and Mariya Bloom

Residential Landscaping – Large – Rear Yard Only

          Second Place:                        1665 Bradley Road, Francine and Harry Hoover

Awards of Distinction

2012 Award of Distinction for Community Involvement

Kiwanis Club of Westlake


2012 Award of Distinction for Landscaped Areas

          Woods of Westlake


2012 Award of Distinction for Urban Forestry

          Hyland Software, Bldg. 2

Lu Walter “Best in Bloom” Award :   Greg Kolarek, 3566 Dover Center Road


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